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  • njscienceleague The NJ Science League is a science competition among NJ high schools. Students are taking written tests in eight topics: earth science, environmental science, physics I, physics C, Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry I, and Chemistry II. From January to April, four testing days are scheduled, one each month. Schools form four member teams which compete in the various subjects. The top two scores in each subject are reported and the student names are recorded.
    Scores from all schools are published on the NJSL website.
    The competition is on both team and individual levels.


    2016 NJSL -success to THS teams
    Another successful NJSL season to THS science teams!smiley

    Biology I 8th place/129 teams Team Plaque Matthew Dreyer – individual plaque
    Biology II 9th place/124 teams Team Plaque KangMin Shin - individual plaque
    Chemistry I 15th place/133 teams
    Chemistry II 5th place/123 teams Team Plaque Peter Prastakos - - individual plaque
    Roy Dayan - individual plaque
    Physics I 8th place/92 teams Team Plaque Eric Dragon - individual plaque
    Physics C 19th place/69 teams
    2015-end of season results
    another highly successful season has come to an end.
    Congratulations to all Tenafly NJSL Teams!

    2015 NJSL –Tenafly HS- final results

    4 Team plaques - top 10 teams

    7 individual plaques – top 10% of students

    chemistry I – 6th/140 teams - Team plaque

    Rachel Pomeranz – 15th/392 students – individual plaque
    Caroline Kim – 28th/392 students - individual plaque
    Roy Dayan - 28th/392 students - individual plaque

    Biology II - 8th/131 teams - Team plaque

    Michael Hill-Oliva - 10th/305 students – individual plaque
    Jackie Dragon - 25th/305 students - individual plaque

    Chemistry II - 9th/ 123 teams - Team plaque

    Dayoung Shin – 22nd/311 students – individual plaque

    Physics I – 9th/108 teams - Team plaque

    Physics C – 9th/64 teams

    Biology I – 16th/134 teams
    2014- Final Results
    Another successful season has come to a close.
    Here are the results:

    Chem II team - 5th/127 teams (Team Plaque)
    Fan Young - 10th/350 students (individual plaque)

    Biology I - 7th/140 teams (Team plaque)
    KangMin Shin - 6th/400 students (individual plaque)
    Diana Kim - 29th/400 students (individual plaque)

    Physics C - 9th/ 65 teams
    Chemistry I - 13th/144 teams
    Physics I - 18th/134 teams
    Bio II - 29th/ 131 teams

    Congratulations to all participants! Thank you for your time and effort !

    See you next season. Have a great summer.
    February 14th- Valentine's day
    you must agree that there is no better way to show your love and passion for science,than to take the February NJSL test on Valentine's day!

    Thanks and congratulations go to all participants!science league