Welcome to AP Chemistry


    ·       Gain an appreciation for the relevance of chemistry in our lives

    Study and learn in depth the main topics in General Chemistry.
    Develop reasoning and critical thinking skills through guided inquiry collaborative group learning, data analysis and problem solving.
    Apply and integrate mathematics to solve problems. Interpret and draw diagrams to explain concepts.
    Develop laboratory skills – learn new techniques and improve known ones. 
    Practice the writing of formal lab reports.                        
    Excel on the AP exam to earn college credit.


    Text book- read in preparation for, and following the lecture. Review the examples throughout the chapters, answer questions and work out problems at the end of the chapters assigned as HW. You will not need the book in class.
    Lab Manual – a collection of guided inquiry experiments.
    It should be treated as a text. You may not write in it or make any marks.  Bring to class on lab days.

    Binder for class notes and handouts  -  I give copious notes and many handouts.       Bring a binder to organize class materials.
    ·       Google class room - HW Assignments, extra resources and review materials will be posted on your google classroom page. You are expected to check it daily.
    College Board AP Classroom- You are required to sign up using the class code I provided.  This site is an invaluable resource for  learning  the curriculum (tutorial videos), and practice problems to test your understanding (MC and FR), the type of problems you will find on the AP Exam. Videos and  Problem sets will be assigned as HW.


    The course is fast paced. It is important to keep up and not fall behind.
    Come to class on time! Place your cell phone in your designated pocket!
    Pop quizzes should be expected.- often they will be given at the start of class.
    You will need to devote significant amount of time outside of class to prepare homework assignments that I collect,, to review class notes and material in preparation for quizzes and tests, to complete pre lab assignments in preparation for labs, and to write formal lab reports after you completed the experiment.
     Do not hesitate to see me for extra help, as soon as you feel you need help.  Do not wait for the day prior to a test or a quiz !
    During virtual learning, you may schedule a zoom meet for extra help.



    ·       Exams- 40%    Quizzes- 20%   Lab - 20%       HW -20%


     Extra Help

    I am available every day after school or during school -Please see me as soon as you need help.



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