• Homework Policy for 4-Fitz


    Homework is an important and necessary part of our learning in 4-Fitz.  Assignments are given to help reinforce or introduce ideas.  Homework is also used as a springboard for new ideas, lessons, and discussions.

    I, Ms. Fitzpatrick, promise to assign homework that is relevant and integral to your learning.  I expect that you, the student, will complete your homework neatly and to the best of your ability.  I also expect your homework and long term assignments to be returned on time on the due date. 

    If homework is not returned on time there will be consequences.   Assignments that are not returned on the due date will be accepted, but with a reduction of a grade.  Sloppy and incomplete work may need to be redone.  You are responsible for making sure that you have all materials and assignments needed for class.  Phone calls home for materials or assignments are not permitted.  So take that extra moment at home to make sure you have everything you will need for the day! 

    If there is a reason you cannot complete an assignment, a letter from home explaining the circumstance is required.  You will be exempt from homework for religious observances, but please send a note so that I am aware of your circumstances. If you do not understand an assignment just do the best you can and I will be sure to help you the next day.  Please write some questions you have on your homework sheet or on a separate piece of paper, so that I can better assist you the next day.  There is no shame in not understanding something, but you must try.  Even if you do the assignment incorrectly, it can be a great learning experience and a way for me to see your needs. 

    There are rewards and consequences for doing your work in 4th grade.  Your parents will be notified of your missed assignment with a note that needs to be signed. If you consistently do not do your homework there will be a logical consequence.  If you always do your homework to the best of your ability, there will be rewards, such as praise, certificates, and free homework passes.  So it pays to always do your best. I know you will always do your best when you do your homework!