Welcome to 10th Grade World Literature II

  • Welcome
    Welcome to the fusion page for 10th grade World Literature II!

    In the Important Documents you can find the syllabus for our course in order to get acquainted with the units we will study this year.

    The main focus of the year will be on Western Literature as well as the development of fluent reading and writing practices.

    *Daily assignments and pertinent documents will be regularly updated on Google Classroom. Link to Google Classroom Login


    The grades for this class are computed by category weights, with the categories receiving the following weights:


    Major Writing Assignments 30%
    Tests and Quizzes 30%
    Classwork/Homework 15 %
    Projects 10 %
    Class Participation 10 %
    Membean 5%

    In the category of tests and quizzes, tests are weighted 1.0 while quizzes are weighted 0.5 and pop quizzes are weighted 0.25 (so a test counts twice as much as a quiz, which counts twice as much as a pop quiz).

    In the category of classwork/homework, "minor writing assignments" count 2.0, meaning they count for 2 homeworks.


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