• Subject Units

    Reading Workshop

    We will be using the Schoolwide Curriculum which combines whole class lessons and guided reading instruction in smaller groups and independently.
    Writing Workshop
    In writing we will have a mini-lesson each day and then students will have time to write independently. I will also meet with students to conference during this time. Students will also receive a grammar workbook that we will be using and will complete a daily grammar practice in class.  Students will focus on developing a personal narrative, personal essay....
    Spelling & Vocabulary
    We will be using a book called Wordly Wise. There will be weekly assignments and tests in spelling. Tests will be given every or every other Friday.

    We will be using the Everyday Math Program. Some of the topics we cover include:
    Geometry: 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, lines, rays, angles, perimeter, area, symmetry, reflections
    Number sense: place value, organizing data (mean, median, mode, graphing) 
    Single and multi digit multiplication and division
    Decimals and fractions: comparing, adding and subtracting 
    *we complete 1 lesson daily*

    In Science, we will be starting a new program, called Inspire Science. We will cover information from seven major topics including, Energy & Motion, Transfer of Energy, Structures & Functions of Living Things, Wave Patterns & Information Transfer, Patterns of Earth's Changing Features, Natural Hazards and Energy from Natural Resources.

    Social Studies

    In Social Studies we will study what it was like during the American Revolution. We will develop an understanding of government and New Jersey and we will experience the journey that immigrants took to get to America.