• Curriculum

    What will we learn this year?



    We will be using the Everyday Math Books again this year. However, this is a new version of Everyday Math. We will be periodically having math tests, quizzes on the material, and fact quizzes.



    In reading, we will be using SchoolWide reading program, which combines whole class lessons, guided reading instruction in smaller groups, and independent reading. We will also be integrating class novels in an interdisciplinary manner.



    In writing, we follow the writer’s workshop format using the SchoolWide program. This normally means that we will have a mini-lesson each day and then you will have independent time to write. During that time, I will meet with students to conference.



    Spelling and vocabulary

    We will be using a program called Wordly Wise. You will have bi-weekly assignments and tests in spelling. These tests will be given every other Friday.



    In science, we will be starting a new program called, Inspire Science. We will cover information from seven major units, which are:

    Energy and Motion

    Transfer of Energy

    Structures and Functions of Living Things

    Wave Patterns and Information Transfer

    Patterns of Earth’s Changing Features

    Natural Hazards

    Energy from Natural Resources


    Social Studies

    In social studies we will also study three main units, which are:

    The American Revolution


    New Jersey