Customizing the TPS App Calendar

    • Open the TPS App on your smart phone.
    • From within the app, swipe to go to the calendar icon.Calendar icon
    • Click on the icon to open the calendar.
    • At the top right of the calendar, click on the filter icon for Android/Google phones (9d78cf0a-4efd-430d-b2ec-f7c94857959a.png) or the gear icon for iPhones (Gear icon - Free download on Iconfinder).
    • A list of the schools within the district will appear. Click on each school's name and a new screen will appear. Ensure that two boxes are checked near the word All and the word Calendar if you want to see that calendar, or unchecked if you do not want to see that school's calendar.
    • For Android/Google phones, click the Back arrow at the top of the screen where it says Setup Calendar to get back to uncheck each school and/or to return to the calendar. 
    • For iPhones, click on Done at the top left of the app to return to the calendar.
    • Only the events associated with the checked schools will now appear on the App calendar.