• Course Overview & Expectations


    Dystopian Literature will introduce you to an array of literature and film that focuses on dystopian societies and the themes inherent in such works, including the struggle for survival, the pressure to conform, the dream of hope, and the role of nature. The second semester will focus on short fiction and stories that explore the self and the world in which we live. Ultimately, both semesters will give you room to discuss social responsibility and the questions we may need to live an examined life.     


    We will be spending the early part of the school year learning how to write a literary analysis research paper. You will be given all the resources needed to complete the process, and these skills will be helpful to you in college and in the future. 


    Grading criteria*


    Research Project


    Encompasses the research process and final draft

    Writing / Major Assessments


    Includes both formal and creative writing

    Reading Checks / Homework


    Reading quizzes may be unannounced

    Participation / Classwork


    Includes class discussions and group work


    * - Grading categories will be readjusted in the spring semester. Final grades will be calculated according to district policy.