Reporting a Student Absence

  • A student absence must be reported to the high school attendance secretaries by 8am of the current school day.  To report an absence contact:

    Ryan, Denyse
    Business: 201-816-6623
    Tavares, Michelle
    Business: 201-816-6622

Attendance Guidelines and Procedures

  • For additional rules and guidelines associated with a student absence, including:

    • Bell Schedules
    • Chronic or Recurrent Medical Conditions
    • Delayed Openings and School Closings
    • Extended Consecutive Absences
    • Makeup Work
    • Maximum Absence Limits
    • Religious Holidays
    • Request a College Visit
    • Requesting an Early Dismissal 1
    • Requirement for Participation in School Activities
    • Truancy and Class Cuts
    • Verify a Late Arrival
    • Verify an Absence

    refer to the Tiger Q Handbook or Attendance Page on the For Parents tab.