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Mrs. Carolyn Burdy

I currently serve Mackay School's youngest learners.  My role as a Reading Recovery teacher enables me to teach first grade readers. Teaching Basic Skills and Kindergarten Intervention provides me opportunities to service students in grades kindergarten through two.

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  • Mackay School is full of wonderful students!  I am happy to be able to work with our youngest learners in kindergarten, first and second grade.  Basic Skills and reading recovery offers students support in reading, writing and math. 

What is Reading Recovery?

  • Reading Recovery
    Reading Recovery is a short-term early intervention for first grade students who are having some difficulty learning to read.  Research studies document its effectiveness with over one million students in urban, rural, and suburban settings.

    Individual students work one-to-one, for 12 to 20 weeks and receive daily 30-minute lessons.

    After completing lessons, students will be able to:
    • Read increasingly more difficult texts at an instructional level, expanding their power to learn from their own efforts and solve problems as they read and write.
    • Compose increasingly complex messages using resources to solve new words: students monitor and edit their work, knowing when and how to get help.
    • Continue to learn with supportive classroom instruction.

What is Basic Skills?

  • Basic Skills
    Basic Skills Instruction is supplemental instruction in either Language Arts Literacy or Mathematics. Instruction and support are provided in the basic concepts and skills that students need in order to be successful in their classroom.​