Dress Code Reminder

  • Dear TMS Families,

    Now that the warm weather has arrived and with June quickly approaching, I need your help. We have a school dress code and there are guidelines that we need all students to follow. We can only enforce these with your help, especially in the morning as your children get dressed for school. At Tenafly Middle School, we value the unique personalities of our students.  How students dress should offer them a chance to freely express who they are.  To support a positive and respectful school atmosphere for our students, appropriate choice of clothing is expected.  Students must learn that school is not the beach and it is not the playground. School is a place  of business where work gets done and where everyone needs to be appropriately dressed.

     Please help us by making sure students do not wear:

    • Flip flops or slippers. Shoes should be secured around the heel to provide safety when  climbing stairs and participating in recess.
    • Shirts or shorts that are too revealing or show undergarments. 
    • Hats or hoods.
    • Clothing with inappropriate and/or discriminatory language or references.

    These rules apply to all students and middle school is the first place where some life lessons are learned.  To avoid these situations, please be vigilant at home in the morning. Thank you in advance for your support and I hope to see you soon.


    John Fabbo
    Principal, Tenafly Middle School