Options for Returning to School

  • The return to school on days 6 through 10 focuses on an in-person opportunity to return to the classroom for both curricular and select extracurricular activities. Details are below.

    Note: the new guidelines do not apply to Tiger Tots and Cubs. Tiger Tots and Cubs will continue to follow the 10-day quarantine guidelines. Thank you.

    Option 1:

    To maintain the health and safety of all students, returning to school on day 6 implies parental/guardian agreement to the guidelines. If a parent/guardian does not support the requirements for return to in-person instruction as outlined, the student will remain on virtual instruction, as approved by the school principal or nurse, and return on day 11 as outlined in Option 2. Virtual instruction MUST be approved by the school principal or nurse.

    • Accommodations will be made at lunch to ensure a distance of 6ft or more from all other individuals for days 6 through 10. These accommodations may require the student eat in a supervised location other than the standard eating area of their class or be seated in a supervised section apart from those in their class.
      • Parents can opt to pick up their student for the entire lunch/recess period on days 6-10. If selecting this option, please notify your school.
      • At Tenafly High School, for days 6-10, the student will not eat in the cafeteria, but will instead eat lunch in a select area as determined by administration (may be a section of the gym or at another identified first-floor location). Students may also elect to leave campus for lunch.

    Any student choosing to go home for lunch or off-campus is expected to comply with all CDC public health guidance for days 6-10, which includes that all individuals be a minimum of 6ft from other individuals (including household members) when eating

    When not eating and/or within a range of 6ft from others, during days 6-10, affected individuals are expected to be masked.

    • All individuals will continue to wear a well-fitting mask in accordance with district requirements, be ≥6 feet from other students, and/or be given other accommodations during any class or class activity that allows for mask removal.
      • This includes but is not limited to physical education and instrumental/vocal music as well as the requirement to wear a mask when outdoors on school property.
      • If a mask cannot be safely worn during the performance of these activities, an alternative activity will be given.
      • If the student cannot complete an activity that is associated with a graded class, the student will not be penalized for lack of participation or missed activity during days 6-10.
    • Returning individuals cannot participate in HSA-sponsored clubs or SACC for days 6-10.

    Student athletes affected by COVID and returning on days 6-10 who are members of middle or high school sports teams must wear a mask to participate. For those sports in which a student cannot wear a mask to participate or a distance of 6ft cannot be maintained when unmasked, the student cannot participate in the events, but can sit with the team masked or delay their return to the team until day 11.


    Option 2:

    Students have the option of continuing virtual instruction for days 6-10, returning to in-school instruction without the above accommodations on day 11. Virtual instruction must be approved by the school principal or nurse. 

Last Modified on January 20, 2022