Updated COVID Quarantine Guidelines - Tenafly Public Schools

  • The CDC and New Jersey Department of Health updated their COVID-19 guidance for school settings. This new guidance included, but is not limited to, shortening the quarantine period for COVID-19 positive cases and the quarantine period for those in close contact with a positive case. These changes were implemented in Tenafly Public Schools effective Thursday, January 20, 2022.

    Highlights include:

    • Mask Mandate: Existing guidelines remain in effect, with individuals returning to school post-COVID postive masking on days 6-10. These individuals must wear a mask at all times, including outdoors, except for when special accommodations are made for lunch and activities.
    • Communication with Nurses: Keep your school nurse up to date on your vaccination and booster status, testing and symptoms, and follow the guidance of the school nurse relative to quarantine and return to school options.
    • Return to School: If returning to school on day 6-10 after completing a 5-day quarantine, be aware of and follow the associated guidelines as outlined on the TPS website.

    The changes to our guidelines are based on NJDOH and CDC recommendations and consultation with medical professionals associated with the district who are able to analyze and monitor data specific to Tenafly. Please refer to policy 1648.11 for Tenafly Public Schools Policy.

    It is important to review the specific details that apply to individuals when returning for the final five days outlined in the Options for Returning to School section on our website, especially as they pertain to lunch and any other activities in which the removal of masks is allowable in schools. Our nurses will provide specific directions to each individual based on the specific conditions. Thank you.

Last Modified on May 24, 2022