Students Absent Due to Travel (Choice or Complications)

  • Be reminded of our procedure for recording students who are travelling - thus out of school - for 10 or more consecutive school days:

    • Student is disenrolled upon notification of travel 
    • If an anticipated return-to-school date is shared, we will “hold” the student’s spot (school, class, schedule, etc.) for the duration of the absence provided they return on/before the anticipated date they had given to us
    • Parents must inform us of any change in their reported return-to-school date.  If provided, with reasonable rationale, we can continue to hold their spot.
    • If the return to school date changes without rationale, or if we are not notified of a delayed change in their return date, the family will need to re-register their student.  
    • Under no circumstances is the district responsible for educating students who are not reporting to school in these instances.  It is the parent’s responsibility to support their child’s education during this time.
    • When students are disenrolled for temporary reasons such as this, we provide the courtesy of keeping their school email in place so that they may continue to log into their Google classrooms to see the activities taking place in the class.  This courtesy is done in an effort to align their classmates’ work with the learning they are being provided with while away.  This courtesy will be extended through the anticipated return-to-school date. 
    • When the students return and resume classes, they are expected to work in coordination with their teachers and school to satisfy the identified course/class requirements. 


    While we are sympathetic to the unfortunate situations families may face due to travel complications beyond their control, our educational program is developed for in-person instruction as per the NJDOE, except for specific COVID exclusion criteria set forth by the state which allows for temporary virtual participation. Such applies to a person diagnosed with COVID, facing COVID-related symptoms, or one who has been identified in the contact tracing process and placed into quarantine by a health official. Other situations such as those dealing with travel complications related to COVID restrictions or regulations, do not meet the criteria for virtual instruction.  


    The integrity of our instructional program is dependent upon in-person experiences, assessments, and activities which require a student’s presence except in the highly specific circumstances that the state has identified as COVID-exclusion (noted above). It is not designed to support virtual instruction with students at a distance from home for extended periods of time.  While students and families may certainly check the teacher’s Google classroom site to supplement learning, parents are encouraged and expected to find an alternate means of providing education until their return to school.

Last Modified on December 19, 2021