Registration Requirements

  • Registration is complete when the following are received:


    Proof of Residency

    • An original deed and tax statement, or an original lease if renting, dated and signed, effective during the current school year (September 2021 - June 2022)
    • A current utility bill showing the family name and Tenafly address
    • A recent bank statement or unexpired vehicle registration showing name and Tenafly address
    • Identification of Parent/Guardian
    • Parent/Guardian must complete the Certificate of Residency form included in the Registration Packet which will be notarized by our registrar once you have proven your Tenafly residency.

    Proof of Child's Date of Birth

    • Child born in the United States: Original birth certificate
    • Child born outside the United States: Passport is required (Family Census Register may be required as well.)

    Immunization Document

    This required document should be signed by a physician and must show that the child has received the following immunizations:

    • 4 doses of DPT - one dose given on or after 4th birthday or any 5 doses
    • 3 doses of Polio vaccine - one dose given on or after 4th birthday or any 4 doses
    • 1 dose of Mumps and Rubella vaccine given on or after 1st birthday
    • 2 doses of Measles vaccine given on or after 1st birthday
    • 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
    • 1 dose of Varicella vaccine given on or after 1st birthday or proof of immunity to the chickenpox

    If the NJ State Department of Health requires administration of a Mantoux tuberculin skin test for your child, please submit documentation showing the date and result of the skin test prior to school entry.


    Health History and Physical Exam

    The medical form included in the registration packet is required prior to school entry.  Physical exam forms and immunization records will be forwarded to the appropriate school’s nurse.  Parents/Guardians who have questions regarding immunization requirements may call their school’s nurse directly:  Mackay School, 201-816-7703; Maugham School, 201-816-7708; Smith School, 201-816-7718; Stillman School, 201-816-7713.