•   Quadratic GraphAlgebra 1 - Period 6

    Mrs. Tang-Johnson

    Date Assignment

    Th. 5/25

    TOPIC: Quadratic Formula

    Wed. 5/24

    TOPIC: Finding Roots

    Tues. 5/23

    C day - dropped class

    Mon. 5/22

    TOPIC: Graphing quadratics using the graphing calculator

    HW: None



    Fri. 5/19

    TOPIC: Finding axis of symmetry and vertex

    HW: None

    Th. 5/18

    TOPIC: Intro to graphing quadratics

    HW: Finish the back of today's worksheet on graphing quadratics (2-3 problems). Due tomorrow. 

    Wed. 5/17

    C day - dropped class

    Tues. 5/16

    TOPIC: Math NJSLA practice & equation editor assignment

    HW: None

    Mon. 5/15

    TOPIC: Simplifying radicals classwork. Math NJSLA is on Th. 5/18 & Fri. 5/19.

    HW: None. 



    Fri. 5/12

    TOPIC: Multiplying radicals

    HW: None

    Th. 5/11

    TOPIC: Adding & subtracting radicals

    HW: None

    Wed. 5/10

    C day - dropped class

    Tues. 5/9

    TOPIC: Simplifying radicals practice

    HW: Complete yesterday's IXL assignment (75%, max of 20 minutes at a time)

    Upcoming: Simplifying radicals quiz on Tues. 5/16

    Mon. 5/8

    TOPIC: Simplifying radicals

    HW: IXL on simplifying radicals (75%, max of 20 mins)  



    Fri. 5/5

    TOPIC: Intro to radicals - complete the EdPuzzle

    HW: Complete the EdPuzzle notes with today's handout. Due Monday 5/8.

    Th. 5/4

    TOPIC: Factoring Quiz #2

    HW: None

    Wed. 5/3

    C day - dropped class

    Tues. 5/2

    TOPIC: Factoring review

    HW: Factoring study guide #2 due Th. 5/4

    Upcoming: Factoring QUIZ on GCF, DOTS, Grouping, and Trinomials on Th. 5/4

    Mon. 5/1

    TOPIC: Factoring trinomials

    HW: Factoring trinomials WS #5, 7, 9, 11

    Upcoming: Factoring QUIZ on GCF, DOTS, Grouping, and Trinomials on Th. 5/4

    Weekend -----------------------------