• Transition Replacement Algebra I Period 6

    Tues. 5/31

    TOPIC: Factoring trinomials with negative factors

    HW: Complete IXL AA.4 (75% or 15 minutes). If you did not finish the classwork today, please complete it by Thursday's class. 

    Wed. 6/1

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 6/2

    TOPIC: Final Exam Review packet #1


    Fri. 6/3

    TOPIC: Final Exam Review packet


    Mon. 5/23

    TOPIC: Factoring trinomials (positives only)

    HW: Complete the 8-problem factoring trinomials packet. Due Wednesday.  

    Tues. 5/24

    C day - dropped class

    Wed. 5/25

    TOPIC: Review of factoring DOTS



    Mon. 5/16

    TOPIC: GCF final activity

    HW: If you did not finish the activity in class, it is due for homework. Due tomorrow. 

    Tues. 5/17

    TOPIC: NJSLA Equation Editor activity 

    HW: None

    Wed. 5/18 C day - dropped class  
    Th. 5/19

    TOPIC: Difference of Two Squares Factoring

    HW: DOTS worksheet due tomorrow

    Fri. 5/20

    TOPIC: Difference of Two Squares Factoring - EdPuzzle + Google Form DOTS practice

    HW:  Make sure you completed today's in-class assignments. 



    Mon. 5/9

    TOPIC: Review of GCF

    HW: None. Just make sure to submit today's classwork, and make up the IXL that was due today (IXL AA.1)

    Tues. 5/10

    TOPIC: Factoring GCF

    HW: Complete the assigned GCF factoring homework (highlighted in pink in your packet). Use the "word bank" of GCFs to help you.  

    Wed. 5/11

    C day - dropped class 

    Th. 5/12

    TOPIC: GCF Practice

    HW: GCF packet page 4 #a-f

    Fri. 5/13









    Mon. 4/4

    TOPIC: Kahoot on Product & Power Rule 

    HW: None

    Tues. 4/5

    TOPIC: Quotient Rule + Power of a Quotient Rule

    HW: Unit 6 HW 3 WS #1-12. Due Thursday 4/7. 

    Wed. 4/6

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 4/7

    TOPIC: Negative Exponent Rule & Zero Exponent Rule


    Fri. 4/8

    TOPIC: Review & Practice of all Exponent Rules




    Mon. 3/28

    TOPIC: Completion of Absolute Value puzzle sheet + Absolute Value game 

    HW: If you didn't hand in your puzzle sheet today, it is due tomorrow. Watch the EdPuzzle video posted today. Due tomrorow. 

    Tues. 3/29

    TOPIC: Unit 8 - Exponents - Product Rule

    HW: Today's WS #13-18

    Wed. 3/30

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 3/31

    TOPIC: Unit 8 - Exponents - Power Rule 

    HW: None, unless you didn't finish #1-6 in class today. 

    Fri. 4/1

    TOPIC: Product Rule & Power Rule of Exponents

    HW: None



    Mon. 3/21

    TOPIC: Absolute Value day 2 (2 cases)

    HW: None

    Tues. 3/22

    TOPIC: Absolute Value day 3 (isolating + 2 cases)

    HW: Complete the absolute value HW packet (#1-12) -- due Thursday

    Wed. 3/23

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 3/24

    TOPIC: Absolute Value practice isolating & 2 cases

    HW: Complete today's absolute value with 2 cases HW worksheet. Due tomorrow. 

    UPCOMING: End of unit activity in class tomorrow, Fri. 3/25. 

    Fri. 3/25

    TOPIC: Absolute Value In-class Activity

    HW: None



    Mon. 3/14

    TOPIC: Tornado Game + Review

    HW: Study for tomorrow's quiz. Study guide key is in Google Classroom.

    Tues. 3/15

    TOPIC: Systems of Linear Equations QUIZ

    HW: None

    Wed. 3/16

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 3/17

    TOPIC: Community check-in 

    HW: None

    Fri. 3/18

    TOPIC: Intro to Absolute Value



    Mon. 3/7

    TOPIC: Review of Linear Inequalities. WS packet due at the end of class. 

    HW: None. Enjoy your afternoon!

    Tues. 3/8

    TOPIC: Linear Inequalities do now & dominoes

    HW: None

    Wed. 3/9

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 3/10

    TOPIC: Intro to Systems of Linear Inequalities

    HW: None

    Fri. 3/11

    TOPIC: Systems of Linear Inequalities Do Now + Tornado intro

    HW: None 



    Mon. 2/28

    TOPIC: Linear Inequalities Day 1 - identifying solutions

    HW: IXL S.7 - graphing linear equations (over 75% or 15 minutes). If you had already achieved over 75% before today, do 10 more problems. 

    Tues. 3/1

    TOPIC: Graphing Linear Inequalities 

    HW: Complete worksheet graphing linear inequalities (6 problems). Remember to use dashed or solid lines, and shade above or below the line. Due Thursday. 

    Wed. 3/2

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 3/3

    TOPIC: Linear Inequalities practice 

    HW: IXL T.3 (70% or 20 minutes)

    Fri. 3/4

    Olympics XLIII!!!



    Wed. 2/23

    TOPIC: Review of simple inequalities, graphing, and solving 1-step and 2-step inequalities.

    HW: IXL K.1 (80%), IXL K.2 (80%), IXL K.7 (70%), and IXL K.9 (70%) due by Friday's class.

    Upcoming: Quiz on inequalities on Friday 

    Th. 2/24

     Dropped class

    Fri. 2/25

    TOPIC: Inequalities Quiz today

    HW: None



    Mon. 2/14

    TOPIC: Simple Inequalities

    HW: Worksheet from today (page 3 in today's handout) + IXL K.1

    Wed. 2/16
    Tues. 2/15

    C day - dropped class

    Wed. 2/16

    TOPIC: Solving & graphing 1-step inequalities

    HW: Worksheet from today 

    Th. 2/17

    TOPIC: Solving & graphing 2-step inequalities

    HW: Enjoy your break! There will be a short quiz on this week's topics on Friday 2/25.  



    Mon. 2/7

    TOPIC: Solving Systems by Elimination catchup day

    HW: None

    Upcoming: Systems of Equations TEST on Friday 2/11. 

    Tues. 2/8

    TOPIC: Solving Systems 3 ways review day 1

    HW: Substitution HW sheet - do 10 out of 15 problems. Show work on a separate sheet of paper. Due Thursday. 

    Upcoming: Systems of Equations TEST on Friday 2/11. 

    Wed. 2/9

     C day - dropped class

    Th. 2/10

    TOPIC: Review of Solving Systems 3 ways

    HW: Complete the study guide and study for the test. Check answers on Google Classroom. Due tomorrow. 

    Fri. 2/11

    TOPIC: Systems of Equations TEST TODAY

    HW: None



    Mon. 1/31

    TOPIC: Solving Systems by Elimination

    HW: Finish today's WS (8 problems) and complete Boom Cards (either using the link on Google Classroom, or on the back of today's worksheet)

    Upcoming: Test on Solving Systems on Tuesday 2/8/22.

    Tues. 2/1

    Lunar New Year

    Wed. 2/2

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 2/3

    TOPIC: Solving Systems by Elimination day 2

    HW: Complete today's worksheet (7 problems). Due tomorrow. 

    Upcoming: Test on Solving Systems on Tuesday 2/8/22.-- may be moved to Friday, depending on our progress. 

    Fri. 2/4

    TOPIC: Solving Systems by Elimination Digital Breakout

    HW: None



    Mon. 1/24

    TOPIC: Solving systems of equations by substitution day 1

    HW: EdPuzzle on solving systems by substitution

    Tues. 1/25

    TOPIC: Solving systems of equations by substitution day 2; upload notes from video + do practice problems

    HW: Complete today's packet by Thursday. 

    Wed. 1/26

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 1/27

    TOPIC: Solving systems of equations by substitution day 3; upload notes from video

    HW: Complete the 3 problems on the last page of today's packet. Due tomorrow.  

    Fri. 1/28

    TOPIC: Solving systems by substitution & graphing

    HW: None 



    Mon. 1/17

    MLK Day

    Tues. 1/18

    TOPIC: LinkIt Assessment Day 1

    HW: None. Assessment on Solving Systems by Graphing on Fri. 1/21

    Wed. 1/19

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 1/20

    TOPIC: Systems by Graphing review

    HW: 1st page of today's packet (4 problems) due tomorrow. 

    Fri. 1/21

    TOPIC: Assessment on Solving Systems by Graphing (Desmos + Quizizz on Google Classroom)

    HW: None

    Weekend -----------------------------------------  
    Mon. 1/10

    TOPIC: Notes on Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

    HW: Upload your notes and practice problems from today (2 pages)

    Tues. 1/11

    TOPIC: Solving Systems by Graphing (Google Form + IXL U.2) 

    HW: IXL U.2 (70% or higher)

    Wed. 1/12 C day - dropped class  
    Th. 1/13

    TOPIC: Systems by Graphing Google Slides + Desmos Activity

    HW: Complete today's activity if you didn't finish it in class

    Fri. 1/14

    TOPIC: Notes on Systems by Graphins + Buzzer Game 

    HW: None

     Weekend ---------------------------------------   
    Mon. 1/3

    Peers - no class

     Tues. 1/4

    TOPIC: Linear Equations - Choose Your Own Adventure 

    HW: None

     Wed. 1/5 C day - dropped class   
     Th. 1/6

    TOPIC: Graphing lines using x & y-intercepts Google Slides activity

    HW: Finish today's activity if you didn't complete it in class 

     Fri. 1/7 SNOW DAY!   
     Weekend -------------------------------------------------  
    Mon. 12/20

    TOPIC: Parallel vs Perpendicular Lines

    HW: page 17 in Unit 4 part 3 packet. Due Wednesday. 

     Tues. 12/21 C day - dropped class   
     Wed. 12/22

    TOPIC: Parallel vs Perpendicular Lines

    HW:  None

     Th. 12/23 Enjoy your break   
       Winter Break  
    Mon. 12/13

    TOPIC: Unit 4 part 3 - isolating y

    HW: packet page 3 # 1, 4, 7 due tomorrow. 

     Tues. 12/14

    TOPIC: Finding x- intercepts & y-intercepts. 

    HW: Unit 4 part 3 packet pages 9 & 10 due Thursday.  

     Due Th. 12/16.
     Wed. 12/15

    C day - dropped class 

    HW: Unit 4 part 3 packet pages 9 & 10 due tomorrow. 

     Th. 12/16

    TOPIC: Parallel Lines Desmos (complete using the link in Google Classroom if you were absent).

    HW: None 

     Fri. 12/17

    TOPIC: Functions vs Relations + parallel vs perpendicular lines

    HW: None



    Mon. 12/6

    TOPIC: Unit 4 Slope Stations

    HW: Complete the Quizizz posted on Google Classroom. Due by Thursday's class. 

    UPCOMING: Ch. 4 QUIZ on Fri. 12/10

     Tues. 12/7

    TOPIC: Unit 4 Quir Review

    HW: Completed study guide is due on Th. 12/9.  

    UPCOMING: Ch. 4 QUIZ on Fri. 12/10

    Study Guide - Th. 12/9


    Quiz Fri. 12/10

     Wed. 12/8

     C day - dropped class:

    HW: Monday's Quizizz, and yesterday's study guide are both due tomorrow at the start of class. 

    UPCOMING: Ch. 4 QUIZ on Fri. 12/10

     Th. 12/9

    TOPIC: Unit 4 Review

    HW: Re-do the Quizizz (the link is on Google Classroom). Aim for over 70%. You can attempt it twice.

    Check Google Classroom for the study guide answer key. Study guides will be collected tomorrow in class. 

     Fri. 12/10  Unit 4 QUIZ today  
     Weekend ----------------------------------------------------  
    Mon. 11/29

    TOPIC: Slope Game

    HW: None


     Tues. 11/30

    TOPIC: Graphing lines in slope-interfept form + writing equations

    HW: Pages 7 & 8 in Unit 4 Part 2 packet (writing linear equations). Due Th. 12/2.

    Wed. 12/1 C day - dropped class  
    Th. 12/2 

    TOPIC: Writing equations of lines in slope-intercept form + writing equations of horizontal and vertical lines
    HW: Unit 4 part 2 packet pages 10 & 11 due tomorrow

    UPCOMING: Unit 4 Quiz on Fri. 12/10

     Fri. 12/3

    TOPIC: Writing equations given 2 points (pages 12 & 13 in Unit 4 Part 2 packet) + IXL S.7 & IXL S.21

    HW: If you were absent, complete IXL S.7 & S.21 to at least 80%

     Weekend --------------------------------------------- ----------
    Mon. 11/22

    TOPIC: Identifying slope and y-intercept from y = mx + b & graphing lines. Classwork: page 17 in Unit 4 packet (4 graphs)

    HW: Page 18 in Unit 4 packet (4 graphs). If you did not complete page 17, complete for homework as well. 

     Tues. 11/23

    TOPIC: Graphing lines in y = mx + b form

    HW: None

     Wed. 11/24

    TOPIC: Graphing lines in y = mx + b form

    HW: Enjoy your weekend!

     Weekend -------------------------------------------- ---------
    Mon. 11/15

    TOPIC: Unit 4 - The Coordinate Plane & graphing points

    HW: EdPuzzle on Slope (it should take you 5 minutes) and Desmos up to Hole #6 if you didn't get to it in class. 

    Tues. 11/16

    Tues. 11/16

    TOPIC: Intro to Slope, Slope from a graph, Slope formula

    HW: page 6 in Unit 4 packet -- use the slope formula to find the slope of a line that goes through the two points. Upload a copy to Google Classroom. Due tomorrow. 

     Wed. 11/17
    Wed. 11/17

    TOPIC: Finding slope from a graph

    HW: page 10 in Unit 4 packet (find the slope from a graph + find the slope using the slope formula) Skip #13, 14, 15.

     Th. 11/18
    Th. 11/18

    TOPIC: Finding clope from a table of values

    HW: Complete the Quizizz posted on Google Classroom by Monday's class. Accuracy counts, but you can try it as many times as you want. 

     Mon. 11/22
    Fri. 11/19

    C day - dropped class

    HW: Quizizz




    Mon. 11/8

    TOPIC: Special cases review & solving with variables on both sides of the equation

    HW: page 34 in the Unit 3 packet. Upload a picture to GC. Due tomorrow.

    UPCOMING: Unit 3 Quiz on Th. 11/11.

    HW due tomorrow 11/9.

    QUIZ Th. 11/11

    Tues. 11/9

    TOPIC: Unit 3 review & study guide pages 1 & 2, page 3 # 5-8, page 4 #13-16,  page 5 #17, 19, 21, 23, page 6 #29, page 7 #35

    HW: Study Guide (if in doubt, do the whole thing!): 

    p. 3 # 1-4 
    p. 4 #9-12 
    p. 6 #18, 20, 22, 24
    p. 6 #25 & 26
    p. 7 #31

    Study guide due tomorrow


    QUIZ Th. 11/11

    Wed. 11/10

    TOPIC: Unit 3 review

    HW: If you didn't finish your study guide, complete it by class time tomorrow. Answers are posted on Google Classroom. 


     QUIZ tomorrow
    Th. 11/11


    HW: None

    Fri. 11/12  C day - dropped class  


    Mon. 11/1

    TOPIC: Review of Proportions & Special Cases continued

    HW: Pages 26 & 27 in Unit 3 packet (Solving Proportions), ODD numbers only. Post a picture to Google Classroom. 

    Tues. 11/2

    TOPIC: Special cases partner activity

    HW: None (unless you didn't post yesterday's HW! Remember to post pages 26 & 27 in Google Classroom).  

    Wed. 11/3 C day - dropped class   
    Th. 11/4 & Fri. 11/5

    NJEA Teacher's Convention - No School



    Mon. 10/25

    TOPIC: Simplifying Expressions, Distributive Property, Solving Equations
    IXL J.4 due on Fri. 10/29 (15 mins/75%)

    Fri. 10/29
     Tues. 10/26

    TOPIC:  Distributive Property, Solving Equations

    HW: IXL J.4 due on Fri. 10/29 (15 mins/75%)

     Fri. 10/29
     Wed. 10/27

    C day - dropped class. 

    HW: IXL J.4 due Fri. 10/29

     Fri. 10/29
    Th. 10/28 

    TOPIC: Solving proportions

    HW: IXL. J.4 due tomorrow 

     Fri. 10/29
     Fri. 10/29

    TOPIC: Solving Equations practice & Special Cases intro

    HW: None 

     Weekend  -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------
    Mon. 10/18

    TOPIC: Distributive Property with powers greater than 2 + with simplifying polynomials.

    HW: Packet page 17. Do the 4 circled problems. Post a picture on Google Classroom. If you need the packet, it's posted on Google Classroom. Due tomorrow.

     Tues. 10/19
    Tues. 10/19

    TOPIC: Solving 1-step equations

    HW: Pages 7 & 8, odd numbers only. Please upload pictures to Google Classroom. Due Th. 10/21

     Th. 10/21
    Wed. 10/20 C day - dropped class  
    Th. 10/21

    TOPIC: Solving 2-step equations

    HW: page 12, left column problems only (5 problems). Due tomorrow, Fri. 10/22. 

    Fri. 10/22

    TOPIC: Solving 2-step equations

    HW: Complete today's math puzzle activity (pages 15 & 16 in packet) if you did not finish it in class. Post a copy on Google Classroom by Monday, 8am.

     Mon. 10/26
    Mon. 10/11

    TOPIC: Unit 2 Review of Study Guide and Review Stations

    HW: If there are any stations you did not finish in class today, please complete them for homework. I will be able to see all of your work online for all 4 stations. Study for tomorrow's quiz using the study guide we went over today.   

    TEST tomorrow, Tues. 10/12.
    Tues. 10/12  Unit 2 QUIZ today. No HW.   
    Wed. 10/13  C day - dropped class  
    Th. 10/14

    TOPIC: Polynomials & Combining Like Terms

    HW: page 5 in packet (unless it's your birthday today!)

     Fri. 10/15
    Fri. 10/15

    TOPIC: Practice geometry application of simplifying algebraic expressions + distributive property notes & practice

    HW: None. Enjoy the weekend! 



    Mon. 10/4

    No School - PD Day

    Tues. 10/5

    TOPIC: Translating words to expressions

    HW: Page 8 in Unit 2 packet due Thursday. 

    Th. 10/7
    Wed. 10/6

    C day - dropped class

    Th. 10/7

    TOPIC: Exponents

    HW: Complete the exponents worksheet and upload it onto the Google Classroom posted assignment. If you lose your copy, print out a new copy posted there.

    Upcoming: Unit 2 Quiz on Tues. 10/12 

    Fri. 10/8

    TOPIC: Unit 2 Study Guide

    HW: Finish the study guide. Post your completed study guide in Google Classroom by Monday 8 am. 

    Upcoming: Unit 2 Quiz on Tues. 10/12 



    Mon. 9/27

    TOPIC: Order of Operations notes & practice

    HW: None

    Tues. 9/28

    TOPIC: TestNav Equation Editor practice + Order of Operations choice activity

    HW: None

    Wed. 9/29
    C day - dropped class
    Th. 9/30

    TOPIC: Integer Rules

    HW: Packet page 3 #21-30. Identify if the answer will be positive (P) or negative (N)

     Fri. 10/1
    Fri. 10/1

    TOPIC: Words to expressions

    HW: Page 7, #2, 4, 6, 8, 10

    Mon. 9/20
    TOPIC: Classifying Real Numbers (pages 3 & 4 in packet)
    HW: Page 5 in packet (do at least 7 out of the 14 problems)
    UPCOMING: Quiz on the Real Number System & Fractions on Fri. 9/24
    HW due Tues. 9/21
    QUIZ on Fri. 9/24
    Tues. 9/21

    TOPIC: Classifying Numbers HW review + Fractions Review

    HW: IXL.A11 (75% or 15 minutes)

    HW due Th. 9/23.

    QUIZ on Fri. 9/24

    Wed. 9/22
    C day - dropped class
    Th. 9/23

    TOPIC: Unit 1 Study Guide 

    HW: Study for tomorrow's quiz using your notes, study guide, fractions packet & IXL A.11. The study guide and answer key are on Google Classroom. 

    QUIZ tomorrow, Fri. 9/24
    Fri. 9/24

    TOPIC: Unit 1 QUIZ

    HW: None

     Mon. 9/13
    Virtual Locker due by Monday 9/20
    Mon. 9/20
    Tues. 9/14 
    C day - dropped class
    Wed. 9/15 
    Topic: The Real Number System (natural, whole, integer, rational, irrational numbers)
    HW: Virtual locker due Monday. 
    Th. 9/16  Yom Kippur - no school  
    Fri. 9/17 

    Topic: The Real Number System (classifying numbers)

    HW: Virtual Locker due Monday 

    Weekend  ------------------------------------------------------- ------------
     Th. 9/9  Get your supplies: notebook/binder, calculator, pencil, eraser, planner Mon. 9/13
     Fri. 9/10  Complete the 10-word story of my summer. Due Monday by the start of class.  Mon. 9/13
     Rm. 211B