• World History


    ATTENTION: The Asia Unit Test will be on Thursday, March 2nd


    There is no homework over the break.

    Please remember to make up any work or homework assignment you may be missing. 


    HW: Complete the Chinese Geographic Regions Post Card if not done in class. 


    HW: Complete the Geography notes and EdPuzzle from yesterday if you have not done it yet. 


    HW: Complete the Current Events Project. The complete project is due tomorrow

    Remember, you need to have 3 articles based on the Middle East and 3 completed organizers


    HW: Israeli/Palestinian crisis viewpoints worksheet. Complete the worksheet using your notes. 


            Continue working on the Current Events Project. You should have 2 articles by now. 


    HW: Continue working on your Current Events Project. You should be looking for your 2nd article and filling

            out organizer number 2. 


    HW: Continue working on your Current Events Project. You should have 1 article with a completed organizer

            done so far. Do not wait until the last minute. 


    HW: Complete the Middle East maps if not done in class. 


    There is no homework for the rest of the week. Enjoy the break, see you next year!


    Today, we learned about Apartheid by completing a timeline of the major events of the time period. 

    HW: Complete the timeline if not done in class, it is due tomorrow, 12/20. 


    No homework for tonight. 


    HW: Complete sources 3 and 4 in the Imperialism Primary Source packet. 


    Today, we started working on the Middle Passage DBQ. For tonight, finish answering the questions for all of the docs. (A, B, C, D and E). 

    Tomorrow: Middle Passage in-class essay. You will need to have your docs completed in order to do this.


    Today, we continued our study of the impact of slavery on the continent of Africa by analyzing primary source documents. There is no homework tonight.


    No homework tonight, unless you owe me work. 

    Come see me in 211B if you have any questions or check Google Classroom for missing assignments.

    11/26 - 11/27

    HW: Complete the African Kingdoms notes and map if you haven't done it yet. Hand it in tomorrow so that you can get points for the activity.


    HW: Complete the African Resources Map activity if not done in class. DUE tomorrow. 


    We have begun working on our next unit, Africa, by mapping out its geography. We are currently taking notes, so there is no homework at the moment. 


    No homework. Enjoy the short week.


    No homework!!


    Homework: Religious Traditions - choose 3 from the list and write down key details about them. This is due on Thursday, 11/3. 


    Today, we completed the Culture Unit test. There is no new homework for tonight, unless you owe me something.


    Today, we went over the study guide in class. Please complete any work you may be missing. HW: Study for the test. 

    Culture Unit Test ==> Wednesday 10/26


    HW: Elements of Culture Illustrated Dictionary. DUE on Thursday, 10/20. 


    HW: Finish the Features of Culture worksheet that we started in class. 


    No homework tonight. 


    We have continued to work on our Green Island Map Projects in class. The last day to work in class will be Thursday, 10/6. There is no other homework. 

    Completed maps will be DUE on Tuesday, October 11.   


    Today, we began working on our Create a Green Island Map Project.

    We will continue working on our maps in class. There is no homework tonight. 


    Completed maps will be DUE on Tuesday, October 11. 


    HW: Complete the Specialized Maps packet we started in class today. The packet is not attached on classroom, you need to complete the hard copy that I gave you in class. 

    DUE: on Friday 9/23



    There will be an open-note quiz on geography in class on Friday 9/23.


    No new HW. If you haven't submitted any pictures for the themes of geography, please do so today or tomorrow. We will have class again on Wednesday. 


    HW: Visualizing Tenafly. Take pictures of different aspects of town on your way home from school, and write one sentence about how each picture relates to one of the 5 themes of Geography. You should have one sentence per picture. DUE: 9/16


    No new homework tonight, unless you didn't hand in the family tree.


    Your family is your history. Do the family tree and the question. 

    DUE: Monday 9/12



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