• Transition Replacement English 9-10 Period 2


    Bring a notebook and folder to class

    Have your computer and password with you in class

    9/12 No HWK    

    HW: Complete punctuation worksheet due: Tomorrow

    Membean: 30 mins. due Monday, 9/19


    If you did not finish in class today, complete

    Achieve Article "Sweet, Creamy Ice Cream" and

    10 mins. of Membean 

    H.W. 30 mins. of Membean due Wed., 9/28 in the morning


    Topic: Comma usage, commonly confused words practice

    HW: Membean for this week - 30 minutes

    9/21 Topic: 1 Achieve Article of your choice completed in class todayt and 10 minutes of membean as well    

    Topic: SGO Quiz/ Independent Reading 

    HW: Membean - 30 minutes for this week

    9/23 Drop Day