• Algebra 1 CPB Period 3

    Ms. Barker and Ms. Koenig

    Due Date
    12/1 IXL A.1 T.7 and T.8- until 80% (if not finished in class)
    11/29 Graphing Slope Intercept wkst
    11/23 Three slope practice worksheets: at least 6 problems from each worksheet
    11/22 Solve for "r" worksheet
    11/21 Practicing Slope Day 2 worksheet
    11/14 WS: 6.1b Evaluating Functions (#1, 2, 3- a,b,c, and d)
    11/9 Desmos Evaluating Functions
    11/7 Functions practice (back page of notes packet from 11/4)
    11/4 Finish the last two function problems in the chart on today's notes
    11/2 Inequalities Quiz today
    11/1 Last three pages of Inequalities Study Guide
    10/31 Inequalities Study Guide
    10/28 Inequalities Maze
    10/27 Multi-Step Inequalities and Graphing wkst
    10/25 One Step Inequalities wkst
    10/21 Absolute Value quiz today
    10/14 Absolute Value Practice wkst
    10/13 1.5 Absolute Value HW
    10/11 Absolute Value wkst
    10/7 Two Step Equation Maze
    9/30 1.4 Two Step Equations Practice
    9/29 Two-Step Equations wkst
    9/23 Quiz on Order of Operations, One Step Equations, and Combining Like Terms/Distributive
    9/21 Chapter 1 Study Guide
    9/20 1.3b Let's Add it Up hw
    9/19 1.3a Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property hw
    9/15 Monster Activity and Edulastic (if not finished in class)
    9/14 1.1 One Step Equations worksheet
    9/13 1.1b Order of Operations Practice
    9/12 Order of Operations worksheet


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