• US History II - CPA Period 4

    Welcome to US II CPA

    with Ms. Barker & Mrs. Haggerty
    *See our Google classroom page for specific assignment instructions.


    week of 10/17 10/17 - HW: complete 18-2
                Video project DUE 10/24

    week of 10/10 10/10 - No school!
    10/11 & 12 - Refine script and work on video; last day to work on it in class!
    10/14 - HW: complete 18-1 (use the hard copy given in class or the posted version on Classroom)

    week of 10/3 10/3 - Students should be working on their script; make sure to look at teacher comments in order to make improvements
    10/4 - Continue work on script, should finish script by today!
    10/6 - Begin work on video using wevideo.com --> you can continue to improve/revise your script and begin finding/importing media. 


    week of 9/26 9/28 - Students should be done with research gathering; begin working on the outline! (see worksheet on Classroom) which should be completed by Friday (except for the Hook and the Finale) 9/30

    week of 9/19
    9/19 - You should have commented on your partner's websites and helped each other determine their value. Begin taking notes on your sites, using bullet points. You should have notes on 2 of your sites by Wednesday's class. 
    9/21 - You should have at least 4 blocks filled in on your research document


    week 9/12
    9/12 - Complete the EdPuzzle (should've been done in class), then complete the Google Form Quiz on evaluating websites. Finally, complete the Actively Learn activity on "The Meaninglessness of the .Org"
    9/14 - Begin working on your partner/group project; remember to start with the research and follow the guidelines given in class.
    9/15 - Find 3 "good" websites, insert them on your shared doc and write a statement about why they are good/how you will use them for your project



    week of 9/6