• US History II CPB - Period 4






    America Collage due: Mon., 9/12

    Finish watching the 9/11 video and take notes on the video

    Due: Tues., 9/13

    9-14 Imperialism

    Imperialism Study Guide: complete with a simple sentence

    Due: Mon., 9/19

    Make sure you have finished:


    Describe life in 1900's reading 

    9/11 video (watch and take notes)


    9-16 Imperialism  Complete the reading on Hawaii and answer the question on google classroom Due: Mon., 9/19

    Watch video and read the DeLome letter and then 

    create a meme explaining why the US became 

    involved in the South American War.

    and create a political cartoon explaining whether or not the US should have gone to war with Spain?

    DUE: Sept. 23rd

    9/22 1920's

    Classwork: Watch and take notes on the video on google classroom about entitled "The Early 20th Century"

    There will be an open-note quiz on this information on Thursday, 9/29

    Also, make sure you have completed the meme and political cartoon for the Spanish-American War.

    9/23   Catch up on all your assignments

    Finish watching the two WWI videos and take notes on both

    Open-note quiz on both videos on Friday

    10/3 & 4 WWI

    Watching 1917 movie in class

    HW: None

    10/6 WWI

    Finished watching 1917

    HW: none

    10/7 Drop Day  
    10/11 1920's 

    Classwork: Study Guide for the 1920's

    Due: Friday, 10/14 submit to classroom

    10/13 WWI

    1920's study guide due Fri., 10/14

    WWI Collage due Tuesday, 10/18

    Submit to google classroom

    10/14 Drop Day no classes  Work on your projects above

    WWI Collage is due today. Please finish and submit

    You do not need an explanation for the pictures

    WWI Quiz - Th., 10//20 (You will not be able to use notes)

    Review your notes from class and the WWI Study Guide to prepare for the quiz.

    10/19 Test Review Game - WWI

    Quiz on WWI tomorrow 

    You cannot use your notes.

    Please study your notes

    10/20 Quiz WWI 

    QUIZ today on WWI

    HW: Tenafly NY Times Article Assignment due: 10/26

    See directions on classroom 

    10/21 Drop Day  

    Working on NY TImes Article about Tenafly in the 1920's

    Due: Wed., 10/26

    Submit to google classroom


    Watch the 1920's video and take notes DUE: Nov. 1st

    There may be a quiz on it  


    1920's slang paragraph * See 1920's words and their meanings on google classroom. Write a paragraph using some of those words. 

    Due: Mon., 10/31

    Watch video "Boom to Bust" on google classroom and take notes Due: Tues., 11/1

    10/28   Drop Day
    10/31   Quiz tomorrow on the Boom to Bust" video. You can use your notes from the video for the quiz
    11/1   Quiz today
    11/2 1920's

    Create a 1920's study guide individually and with your partner. See requirements on google classroom

    Due: Nov. 3rd. 

    11/4   Drop Day
    11/6   Write one paragraph comparing the similarities and differences between the African American poems and songs on google classroom. Due: 11/9
    11/15 1920's

    Current Article Comparison due: Fri., 11/18

    Submit to classroom

    11/16 1920's  
    11/21-23   Watching Cinderella Man in class
    11/28 The Great Depression

    Watch The Great Depression video and take notes

    Due: tomorrow, 11/29

    11/29 The Great Depression

    Great Depression video due: today

    Make sure you have notes on the video

    12/1 The Great Depression No HWK
    12/2 Drop Day Drop Day