• US History II CPB - Period 4






    America Collage due: Mon., 9/12

    Finish watching the 9/11 video and take notes on the video

    Due: Tues., 9/13

    9-14 Imperialism

    Imperialism Study Guide: complete with a simple sentence

    Due: Mon., 9/19

    Make sure you have finished:


    Describe life in 1900's reading 

    9/11 video (watch and take notes)


    9-16 Imperialism  Complete the reading on Hawaii and answer the question on google classroom Due: Mon., 9/19

    Watch video and read the DeLome letter and then 

    create a meme explaining why the US became 

    involved in the South American War.

    and create a political cartoon explaining whether or not the US should have gone to war with Spain?

    DUE: Sept. 23rd

    9/22 1920's

    Classwork: Watch and take notes on the video on google classroom about entitled "The Early 20th Century"

    There will be an open-note quiz on this information on Thursday, 9/29

    Also, make sure you have completed the meme and political cartoon for the Spanish-American War.

    9/23   Catch up on all your assignments

    Finish watching the two WWI videos and take notes on both

    Open-note quiz on both videos on Friday

    10/3 & 4 WWI

    Watching 1917 movie in class

    HW: None

    10/6 WWI

    Finished watching 1917

    HW: none

    10/7 Drop Day  
    10/11 1920's 

    Classwork: Study Guide for the 1920's

    Due: Friday, 10/14 submit to classroom

    10/13 WWI

    1920's study guide due Fri., 10/14

    WWI Collage due Tuesday, 10/18

    Submit to google classroom

    10/14 Drop Day no classes  Work on your projects above

    WWI Collage is due today. Please finish and submit

    You do not need an explanation for the pictures

    WWI Quiz - Th., 10//20 (You will not be able to use notes)

    Review your notes from class and the WWI Study Guide to prepare for the quiz.

    10/19 Test Review Game - WWI

    Quiz on WWI tomorrow 

    You cannot use your notes.

    Please study your notes

    10/20 Quiz WWI 

    QUIZ today on WWI

    HW: Tenafly NY Times Article Assignment due: 10/26

    See directions on classroom 

    10/21 Drop Day  

    Working on NY TImes Article about Tenafly in the 1920's

    Due: Wed., 10/26

    Submit to google classroom


    Watch the 1920's video and take notes DUE: Nov. 1st

    There may be a quiz on it  


    1920's slang paragraph * See 1920's words and their meanings on google classroom. Write a paragraph using some of those words. 

    Due: Mon., 10/31

    Watch video "Boom to Bust" on google classroom and take notes Due: Tues., 11/1

    10/28   Drop Day
    10/31   Quiz tomorrow on the Boom to Bust" video. You can use your notes from the video for the quiz
    11/1   Quiz today
    11/2 1920's

    Create a 1920's study guide individually and with your partner. See requirements on google classroom

    Due: Nov. 3rd. 

    11/4   Drop Day
    11/6   Write one paragraph comparing the similarities and differences between the African American poems and songs on google classroom. Due: 11/9
    11/15 1920's

    Current Article Comparison due: Fri., 11/18

    Submit to classroom

    11/16 1920's  
    11/21-23   Watching Cinderella Man in class
    11/28 The Great Depression

    Watch The Great Depression video and take notes

    Due: tomorrow, 11/29

    11/29 The Great Depression

    Great Depression video due: today

    Make sure you have notes on the video

    12/1 The Great Depression No HWK
    12/2 Drop Day Drop Day
    12/5   The Great Depression Political Cartoon Due: Tues., 12/6
    12/6   The Great Depression Political Cartoon due today
    12/7 NJ Palisades back in 1920's and 1930's

    Working on NJ Palisades google slides project Due: Fri., 12/9

    You need 5 slides with a picture and all notes should be in the speaker note section of the google slide.

    12/8   Working on NJ Palisades Project due tomorrow
    12/9 Drop Day NJ Palisades Project Due today
    12/14 The New Deal

    Graphic Organizer for The New Deal: Due: Today

    New Assignment: New Deal Poster Due: 12/16

    12/15 The New Deal

    Graphic Organizer for The New Deal: Due: Today

    New Assignment: New Deal Poster Due: 12/16

    12/16   Drop Day - Make sure all the work is completed above. 

    Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" in class

    HW: "It's a Wonderful Life analysis due Fri., 12/23

    12/22 Drop Day

    Drop Day   

    HW: "It's a Wonderful Life analysis due Fri., 12/23  

    12/23 1/2 Day HW: "It's a Wonderful Life analysis due Fri., 12/23    
    1/4   Complete compare and contrast assignment during the Interwar Period Due: Fri., 1/6
    1/9 WWII Intro HW: Solve the code on classroom
    1/10 WWII Watching Band of Brothers
    1/11 WWII Watching Band of Brothers
    1/12   IDT
    1/13 Drop Day Check and see what homework or assignment you did not hand in and you should get it done and submit it. 
    1/7 WWII Watching Saving Private Ryan
    1/18 WWII

    Watching Saving Private Ryan

    HW: None

    1/19 WWI

    No HW 

    You can make up any homeworks that you have missed or projects. 

    1/20 Drop Day  
    1/23 and 1/24 Making up incomplete or missing work in class  
    1/26 WWII

    No HW  

    Makeup the work you are missing and submit it. 

    1/27 Drop Day HW: Submit missing homework
    1/30 WWII

    Read and watch videos on Japanese Internment camps

    Write a letter to Pres. Roosevelt as a Japanese teenager in the camps and how your life was impacted and how you would have felt about his decision to issue the order. DUE: Th., 2/2

    1/31 WWII working on the above assignment in class
    2/1 The Atomic Bomb

    Write a paragraph answering the question - "Should America have dropped the Atomic Bomb"  Read the articles on classroom

    DUE: Tues., 2/7


    Complete assignment above

    Holocaust Essay due: Feb. 9th


    Watching Schindler's List Movie

     will be finished with movie tomorrow

    HW: none

    2/15 WWII

    HW: Answer the 3 questions on classroom about the movie Schindler's List. It should be one paragraph (5 sentences)

    Due Date: Th., 2/23

    2/16 Drop Day Enjoy your break!

    Submit your Holocaust paragraph

    -Watch the video "THe Century" and take notes

    Open-note quiz on Fri., 2/24 on the video only

    2/23 The Century video review Watch "The Century" video on the 1950's and take notes on the main points
    2/24 1950's (The Cold War)

    Quiz - open-notes on "The Century" video today 

    HW: THe Cold War Timeline Due: Th., 3/2

    3/6 The Cold War HW: None (If you did not finish the project above, please do so and submit

    Collage on comparing similarities and differences between Korean War and Vietnam War

    (Read the articles on google classroom)

    Due: Tues., 3/14

    3/8 IDT  
    3/10 Drop Day  

    Working on the 1950's Tenafly Article Project 

    See google classroom


    Also, please submit your Cold War Timeline and Collage comparing Vietnam War and Korean War

    3/22   HW: 1950's Tenafly Proquest Research due: Th., 3/23

    Working on the assignment above

    New Assignment: Watch video on Atomic Bomb on GC and take notes

    3/24   Drop Day

    Watch the video on the Atomic Bomb and take notes 

    Open-note quiz tomorrow on the video

    Also, make sure you make up your missing assignments for credit.

    3/28 Atomic Bomb video open-note quiz  
    3/30 JFK - Who shot JFK? HW: Make up all missing work
    3/31   Drop Day
    4/10 Reconstruction None
    4/11 Civil Rights Movement None
    4/12 Civil Rights Movement HW: Civil Rights Current Events assignment due: Mon., 4/17
    4/13 Civil Rights Movement HW: Civil Rights Current Event Assignment
    4/14 Drop Day Make sure your assignment above is submitted
    4/17 Vietnam War No HW
    4/18 Vietnam War

    Watching Platoon in class

    When finished, you will be assigned questions on the movie

    4/19 Vietnam Platoon
    4/20 Vietnam

    Finished the movie Platoon

    Answer each question on the  movie and submit to google classroom 

    DUE: Mon., 4/23

    4/21   Drop Day
    4/25 Watergate

    Read and watch the article and video on The Watergate Scandal and take notes on each article and video 

    Due: Wed., 4/26

    4/28   Drop Day
    5/1   Watching Argo in class

    Watching Argo movie

    HW: Answer the two questions on the movie


    Working on Final Project in class

    Due: May 25th submit to google classroom

    5/8   Working on the final project in class today
    5/10   70's Collage Due: Monday, 5/15

    Work on Regean/Carter differences and similarities chart

    You must create your own chart with information comparing and contrasting both presidents. 

    Decide which one has done more for the people and the country and write one paragraph about your evidence

    Tuesday, May 16th

    On Tuesday, you will be asked to write a paragraph about Reagan and Carter. You can use your chart while writing the paragraph  

    Assignment is on google classroom

    5/15, 5/17 & 5/19   Work on the assignments above due tomorrow

    Work on assignments above

    FInal Project: Due: May 26th

    Watching the movie "Miracle" in class

    5/24 Prom   
    5/26 No School - Drop Day