• European History CPA-Period 3

    Please Note: Industrial Revolution Test (including the stuff on Social Darwinism) ==> Tuesday 2/14

    HW: Nationalism and the Spread of Democracy textbook reading and questions. DUE tomorrow, 2/16. 


    HW: Look over the review guide and begin preparing your response to the open-ended questions. Remember that the test will be on Tuesday, but we do not meet on Monday. 


    HW: Complete the Changing Ways of Life and Thought textbook reading and questions if not done in class. 


    The review guide for the unit was handed out today. You should begin prepping your extended response answers now. The Industrial Revolution Test will be on Tuesday, 2/14. 


    HW: Finish the Alternate Forms of Energy and Fourth Industrial Rev Webquest if you did not finish it in class. It is due on Monday. 


    HW: Complete the Capitalism v. Communism activity that was started in class. It is due on Wednesday, 1/25


    HW: Industrial Rev homework #2 textbook reading and questions. DUE on Wednesday, 1/18. 


    HW: Complete the Industrial Revolution PSA if not done in class. Your group must be ready to present tomorrow. 


    Today, we analyzed the changes that occurred as a result of the Industrial Revolution. HW: complete the Industrial Revolution comparison if not done in class. DUE: Wednesday, 1/11. 


    Homework: Industrial Revolution textbook reading and questions. Due tomorrow, 1/5


    There is no homework for the rest of the week. Enjoy the break, see you next year!


    Important Reminders:

    Monday 12/19: Historical Analysis final draft is due

                            D Day, class does not meet    

    Tuesday 12/20: French Revolution and Napoleon Test   

                             The review guide has been posted. Please look through the extended response prompts to prepare for 

                              Part 3 of the test. 

    Wednesday 12/21: 

    Thursday 12/22:

    Friday: 12/23: Half Day


    HW: The Historical Analysis rough draft is due tomorrow. Complete it tonight for homework. 


    HW: Continue working on the historical analysis organizer. Make sure to have the Thesis statement and 2 body paragraphs done by Wednesday, 12/14. 


    HW: Thesis statement and 2 topic sentences due by tomorrow. 


    HW: Complete the Napoleon Webquest that was started in class. 


    HW: Answer the questions on the image analysis doc after watching the video. The questions for the video are posted on classroom. 


    Complete the Napoleon textbook reading and questions (pages 578-585). 


    HW: Make sure that you have completed all of STEPS 1 and 2 on the Cafe Liberty Activity doc. We will finish the rest in class tomorrow. 


    No homework tonight. We will continue working on the Trial of Louis XVI in class tomorrow. 


    HW: French Revolution Textbook Assignment Part 2 => Read pages 571- 577 and complete the questions. DUE: Wednesday, 11/30. 


    HW: Causes of the French Revolution Recipe. You are to create a list of the 5 top causes of the French Revolution, rank them, and then create a recipe that symbolizes how those elements (ingredients) led to the breakout of the French Revolution (the cake). These should be done on hard-copy paper, making sure to be creative, adding drawings and color. 

    The hard-copy recipe "poster" is due in class on Thursday, 11/17


    HW: complete the French Revolution Begins textbook assignment that is posted on Classroom. It is due on Tuesday, 11/15. 


    Today, we are moving on to our next unit, the French Revolution. In order to do that, we are looking at the conditions that existed in Europe, France specifically, that then led to revolution. 

    HW: Complete the World in 1750 questions that were started in class. Remember that there is a link to a video on the doc that you must click on to watch. This is due by next class on Monday. 


    HW: Complete the Enlightenment Salon Resume if not done in class. 


    HW: Complete the Baroque and Rococo Styles of Art assignment that was started in class. 


    Today, we continued analyzing the main ideas of enlightened thinkers.

    HW: Complete the Ideal Society document if not done in class. 


    Today, we began examining the enlightenment and its impact. 

    HW: The Enlightenment textbook assignment. Due by tomorrow at 8 AM


    Today, we examined other examples of absolutist rulers, and we analyzed the ways in which absolutism was unsuccessful in England. 

    HW: complete the English Bill of Rights and Constitutional Monarchy document analysis if not done in class. Due by next class. 


    HW: Complete the analysis paragraph organizer. DUE tomorrow 10/20. 


    Today, we continued to prepare for the Absolutism Project by completing our research and starting our written analysis. 

    HW: complete the topic sentences portion of the project. You should have 2 topic sentences that are in accordance with the guidelines we gave you in class. This is DUE on Wednesday 10/19. 


    HW: Absolutism textbook assignment #2. 


    HW: Continue to prepare your image analysis for the test. STUDY!

    Renaissance and Reformation Test ==> Tuesday, October 4  


    The information for the Renaissance and Reformation Unit test has been posted on Classroom, including a review guide and review notes. There is no homework tonight. 

    Renaissance and Reformation Test ==> Tuesday, October 4

    9/21 HW: Counter Reformation textbook reading and questions. The doc is posted on classroom. DUE: tomorrow, 9/22.
    9/19 HW: Protestant Reformation textbook reading and questions. The doc is posted on classroom. DUE: tomorrow
    9/16 Complete the Renaissance presentation if not done in class. Come ready to present on Monday. 
    9/13 HW: Northern Renaissance textbook assignment - read pages 427-431 in the text and answer the questions on the doc. 
    9/12 Today, we examined different characteristics of Renaissance art. For homework, complete the reflection question on the back of the chart that was done in class. 




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