• African Asian CC CPB-Period 8
    Final Exam Schedule
    Monday 6/5: India Map & Content Portion
    Tuesday 6/6: Skills Portion
    Wednesday 6/7: Skills Portion
    Date       Topic/HW Assignment
    5/25/23:    Class does not meet
    5/24/23:    India Project
                       HW: finish notes for topics 1-4 due Thursday 6/1
    5/23/23:    Buddhism
                       HW: NONE
    5/22/23:    Hinduism
                       HW: Hinduism assignment due tomorrow (#'s 5-12)

    5/19/23:    Class does not meet
    5/18/23:    South Asia's Geography
                       HW: South Asia Maps & South Asia's Geography due Monday 
    5/17/23:    Korea Open-Notes Quiz
                       HW: extra credit due tomorrow 8am  
    5/16/23:    Korea Review
                       HW: Korea Review Assignment due tomorrow 
    5/15/23:    North Korea Today
                       HW: North Korea Edpuzzle due tomorrow; extra credit due Thursday 8AM

    5/12/23:    Class does not meet
    5/11/23:    North & South Korea
                       HW: "Comparison North & South Korea" due Monday 
    5/10/23:    Korean Culture
                       HW: Korean Culture assignment due tomorrow 
    5/9/23:      Early History of Korea
                       HW: finish Early History of Korea due tomorrow 
    5/8/23:      Geography of Korea
                       HW: Complete Korea Geography review questions & Korea map due tomorrow

    5/5/23:      Class does not meet
    5/4/23:      In-Class Essay: Atomic Bomb Dropping
                       HW: NONE
    5/3/23:      Japanese Geography & Culture Test
                       HW: print out "DBQ" & "Japan & WWII" assignments,
                       if not already done; prepare for essay tomorrow 
    5/2/23:      In-Class Essay Prep
                       HW: review for test tomorrow; print out "DBQ" & "Japan & WWII"
    5/1/23:      Japanese Geography & Culture Review
                       HW: create notecard for test Wednesday; review games posted
                       on GC

    4/28/23:    Class does not meet
    4/27/23:    Japanese Geography & Culture Review
                       HW: finish study guide due Monday 
    4/26/23:    Japan & WWII
                       HW: DBQ assignment due tomorrow 
    4/25/23:    Japan & WWII
                       HW: Japan & WWII Part 1 & Part 2 Edpuzzles due tomorrow 
    4/24/23:    The Modernization of Japan
                       HW: Japan Study Guide #'s 1-19 due tomorrow 

    4/21/23:    Class does not meet
    4/20/23:    The Modernization of Japan
                       HW: The Modernization of Japan due Monday
    4/19/23:    Japanese History
                       HW: "Ancient History of Japan" & "A More Unified Japan" due
    4/18/23:    Letter from Japan 
                       HW: Letter from Japan due tomorrow 
    4/17/23:    Japanese Culture
                       HW: Japanese Culture Assignment due tomorrow

    4/14/23:    Class does not meet
    4/13/23:    Japanese Geography
                       HW: Japan Map & Japanese Geography assignment due Monday
    4/12/23:    Chinese History & Current Events Quiz 
    4/11/23:     Chinese History & Current Events Review 
                        HW: create 1 side notecard for quiz; review games posted on
    4/10/23:    PEERS

    3/31/23:    Class does not meet
    3/30/23:    Deng Xiaoping & China Today 
                       HW: finish Uyghurs Edpuzzle & finish Chinese History SG due Tuesday
    3/29/23:    Mao's China
                       HW: complete summary question & Chinese History Study Guide #'s 7-8 due
    3/28/23:    Changing Governments in China
                       HW: Chinese History Study Guide #'s 1-6 due tomorrow 
    3/27/23:    Fall of the Qing Dynasty
                       HW: NONE

    3/24/23:    Class does not meet
    3/23/23:    Fall of the Qing Dynasty
                       HW: Fall of the Qing Dynasty due Monday 
    3/22/23:    Chinese Dynasties Project
                       HW: Infographic #2 due tomorrow 
    3/21/23:    Chinese Dynasties Project
                       HW: Infographic #1 due tomorrow 
    3/20/23:    Chinese Dynasties Project