• African Asian CC CPB Period 1
    Date        Topic/HW Assignment
    12/1/22:      Class does not meet 
    11/30/22:    Imperialism
                         HW: Scramble for Africa: Maps due Friday 
    11/29/22:    Imperialism
                         HW: NONE   
    11/28/22:    Imperialism
                         HW: NONE 

    11/23/22:    Atlantic Slave Trade
                         HW: NONE 
    11/22/22:    African Slave Trade
                         HW: NONE 
    11/21/22:    African Early History Test 

    11/18/22:    Class does not meet
    11/17/22:    African History Study Guide 
                         HW: review for test Monday (create notecard on one side only) 
    11/16/22:    Africa's Early History
                         HW:  finish African History Study Guide due tomorrow 
    11/15/22:    Africa's Early History
                         HW: Trading Cities of East Africa due tomorrow (skip q's 7-9 on bottom)
    11/14/22:    Africa's Early History
                         HW:  African History Study Guide 19-28 due tomorrow 


    11/9/22:      Class does not meet
    11/8/22:      Africa's Early History
                         HW: finish highlighting Mali & Songhai reading and "West African Kingdoms" 
    11/7/22:      Africa's Early History 
                         HW: African History Study Guide Part 1 due tomorrow 

    11/4/22:      Africa's Early History 
                         HW: Egypt Under Foreign Rule due Monday
    11/3/22:      Class does not meet 
    11/2/22:      Africa's Early History
                         HW: finish Ancient Egypt Kingdom map due Friday (upload picture on GC)
    11/1/22:      Africa's Early History
                         HW: works cited page & Africa's Early History due tomorrow 
    10/31/22:    Works Cited
                         HW: works cited page due Wednesday 

    10/28/22:    MLA Format
                         HW: complete questions 24-26 in MLA Format packet due Monday 
    10/27/22:   Class does not meet 
    10/26/22:   MLA Format
                        HW: complete questions 11-13 in MLA Format packet due Friday 
    10/25/22:  African Culture Project
                        HW: slides for 2 topics of your choice due tomorrow 
    10/24/22:  African Culture Project
                        HW: slides for introduction & topic 1 due tomorrow 

    10/21/22:  African Culture Project
                       HW: two topic notes of your choice due Monday 
    10/20/22:   Class does not meet 
    10/19/22:  African Culture Project
                       HW: Topic 1 Notes due Friday 
    10/18/22: African Geography & Culture Test
                       HW: NONE 
    10/17/22: African Geography & Culture Review
                       HW: create notecard & review for test tomorrow 

    10/14/22: African Geography & Culture Test   
                       HW: finish study guide due Monday & make index card for test Tuesday  
    10/13/22: Class does not meet
    10/12/22: African Mask Project 
                      HW: study guide #'s 10-15 & African Mask Project due Friday   
    10/11/22: African Mask Project
                      HW: study guide #'s 10-15 & African Mask Project due Friday   

    10/7/22: African Culture 
                     HW: study guide #'s 1-9 due Tuesday   
    10/6/22:  Class does not meet   
    10/5/22: NO SCHOOL
    10/4/22: African Religions
                    HW: NONE  
    10/3/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: Changes to Daily Life due tomorrow   

    9/30/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: Positives/Negatives Chart & Masai Video due Monday   
    9/29/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: NONE  
    9/28/22: Class does not meet 

    9/23/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: finish Africa's regions due Thursday 9/29  
    9/22/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: Regions of Africa: Sahara & Sahel columns only 
    9/21/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: African Geography notes due tomorrow  
    9/20/22: Africa's Geography
                   HW: Africa Political & Physical Map due tomorrow   
    9/19/22: Class does not meet 

    9/16/22: Culture 
                   HW: Summary Assignment due Tuesday 9/20  
    9/15/22: Culture
                   HW: Nacirema assignment due tomorrow   
    9/14/22: PEERS  
    9/13/22: Social Sciences 
                   HW: Social Sciences Flipbook & Your Culture "Show & Tell" due Thursday
    9/12/22: Class does not meet 

    9/9/22: Social Sciences 
                  HW: Social Science Review due Tuesday   
    9/8/22: Pre-Test
                  HW: finish pre-test due tomorrow   
    9/7/22: Class Syllabus  
                 HW: sign the class syllabus on GC