Due Date Assignment

    Read "William Wilson"  . Be ready to discuss the story (characters, plot, and key elements) before class.  If you need help understanding the story, check out one of the many dramatic readings on YouTube.  

    Completed questions for the poem "Silence" due before class. 


    There could be a comprehension quiz for "The Black Cat" and  "The Cask of Amontillado" 

    Be prepared to discuss all 3 Poe short stories and the poem "The Raven" 

    11/18  Have read Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado"
    11/15 "The Raven" by Poe Recitation - Memorize your 4 lines for our class recitation of the poem!  
    11/14 Poe Webquest Due
    11/13 Completed Membean Minutes Due
    11/8 Read the short story The Black Cat
    11/4 Read the short story The Tell-Tale Heart . Be ready to discuss (There are many audio versions online that you can listen to as you follow along)
    11/3 Audiovisual Project Due before class
    10/31 Completed Gatsby Symbol Chart
    10/28 The Great Gastsby Ch. 8 Reading due before class
    10/26 The Great Gatsby Ch. 8 Reading due before class
    10/24 membean quiz
    10/21 The Great Gatsby Ch. 7 Reading due before class



    Chapter 6 Questions


    Corrections for the Rhetorical Devices quiz are due BEFORE class.  

    The Great Gatsby Ch. 6


    The Great Gatsby Ch. 5 Reading due before class

    Continue to fill in the character chart

    QUIZ on Rhetorical Devices 


    The Great Gatsby  Ch. 4 Reading due before class


    The Great Gatsby Ch. 3 Reading  (before class)


    Have Completed 90 mins. Membean


    The Great Gatsby Ch. 2 Reading

    1920's Power Point Presentation Completed (Each person in the group needs to have 4 slides of work)

    9/23 Complete Reading Chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby (before class)
    9/16 Summer Reading Essay



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