1/26/22 Essay Writing on 2 Poems
    In-class essay writing assignment tomorrow on the two poems. The graphic organizer was completed in class. You can use this organizer in class tomorrow.
    Membean for January 120 min. 
    2/7/22 Babylon Revisted
    Finish reading Bablyon Revisted and complete Journal #4 from today
    Complete Membean 90 minutes for the month of February
    2/8/22 Drop Day
    2/9/22 Babylon Revisted
    2/10 The Great Gatsby
    Finish reading Ch.1 for tomorrow
    Membean: 90 min. for Feb. 
    2/11 The Great Gatsby
    Membean - 90 min. 
    2/15/ The Great Gatsby
    Read Ch.2 of Gatsby
    Membean- 90 mins. 
    2/16 The Great Gatsby
    No HW
    2/17 The Great Gatsby CH.3
    Membean for the month of Feb. 90 mins. 
    2/24 Gatsby - Ch.2
    Membean 90 mins. for the month of Feb. Due: 2/28 at 11:59 pm
    2/25 Gatsby - Ch. 3
    HW: Finish reading Chapter 3 of Gatsby for Wed.
    Membean is due tonight by 11:59 pm (90 minutes)
    3/2 Gatsby Reading
    HW: Membean - 120 minutes for March
    3/3 Gatsby 
    HW: Membean - 120 minutes for March
    3/7 Grammar Exercises
    Membean - 120 minutes for March
    3/8 Drop Day
    3/9 The Great Gatsby - Ch.4
    3/10 The Great Gatsby- Ch. 4
    HW: Make sure all your journal entries are complete and work on your membean work for March 
    3/11 The Great Gatsby- Ch. 4
    Membean work - 120 minutes
    3/14 The Great Gatsby Ch. 5
    Read Chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby for next class
    Membean for March
    3/15 Drop Day
    3/16 The Great Gatsby Journal on Ch. 5 plot questions
    Membean for March 120 minutes
    3/17 The Great Gatsby Journal Entry
    HW: Finish reading Gatsby Chapter 6 (VI) for tomorrow
    3/18 The Great Gatsby
    Membean for March 120 minutes
    Journals: Make sure you are completing all of your journal entries. Please ask me or Mr. Finn if you are unsure of a specific journal question. 
    3/21 The Great Gatsby
    Reviewing group paragraphs in class for Ch. VI
    3/22 Drop Day
    Membean: 120 minutes for March
    3/23 The Great Gatsby - Chapter VII
    3/24 The Great Gatsby
    Finish reading Ch. 7 of Gatsby for tomorrow
    3/25 The Great Gatsby
    Membean: 120 minutes for March
    Due: March 31st
    3/28 The Great Gatsby - Ch.7
    Complete the Ch.7 questions on Gatsby
    Complete 120 min. of Membean due 3/31
    Begin reading Ch. 8 of Gatsby
    3/29 Drop Day
    3/30 Linkit
    Membean due 3/31
    3/31 Grammar practice 
    Membean - 120 minutes due at 11:59 pm
    4/1 Gatsby Ch. 8 questions
    HW: Complete Ch. 8 question you were assigned in class. Make sure you incorporate one quote and have a lead into your quote. 
    Same as above
    Membean - 90 minutes due for April
    4/5 Drop Day
    4/6 The Great Gatsby
    Membean - 90 minutes due for the month of April
    Watching a part of the film today in class
    4/7 The Great Gatsby
    Membean for April (90 min.)
    4/8 The Great Gatsby
    Membean for April 
    4/18 The Great Gatsby
    3 Gatsby questions due Wed., 4/20 (each answer should be a paragraph)
    Membean - 90 minutes
    4/19 Drop Day
    4/20 Gatsby Thesis Statement
    Work on your Great Gatsby Thesis Statement
    due tomorrow
    Membean - 90 minutes is due for April 
    4/21 Gatsby graphic organizer
    Work on your Great Gatsby graphic organizer
    Membean - April membean due April 29th at 11:59 pm
    Students are working on their Great Gatsby graphic organizer
    Peer Editing of your essays: Th., 4/28
    The Great Gatsby Essay is due Friday, 4/29
    Membean Due: April 29th at 11:59 pm 90 minutes
    4/25 The Great Gatsby Essay
    Students are working on body paragraphs of their Great Gatsby essay. 
    Gatsby Outline due tonight
    -Rough Draft Due at end of class on Wed., 4/27
    -Membean - for April (90 min.)
    4/26 Drop Day
    Rough Draft of The Great Gatsby Essay DUE: End of class tomorrow
    -Membean - April 90 min. 

    Essay Outline with quotes


    Outline of Gatsby Essay due tonight at 11:59 pm
    4/28 Essay outline with quotes
    The Great Gatsby Essay Rough Draft Due: Tomorrow at 11:59 pm
    4/29 Rough Draft Essay
    Gatsby Rough Draft due tonight at 11:59 pm
    Membean due for April today at 11:59 pm for 90 min.
    5/2 Essay writing 
    Final Great Gatsby Essay due: Friday, Mau 6th
    MLA Format, with quotes for each paragraph citing correctly
    5/3 Drop Day
    Work on essay
    5/4 The Great Gatsby
    Work on essay
    Final Gatsby Essay due tonight at 11:59 pm
    Make sure you have 3 or more quotes with a citation
    MLA format, 12 font, times new roman, double-spaced
    Membean for May 90 minutes due May 31st 11:59 pm
    We will be having our final in class during class time, not during the final week. More information to come..
    5/11 Death of a Salesman
    Make sure Journal #2 is complete
    Membean - 90 minutes for May
    DUE DATE: Fri., May 31st
    If you did not submit your Gatsby Essay, please do so. It is now late. 
    5/12 Death of a Salesman
    5/13 Death of a Salesman
    5/16 Death of a Salesman
    5/17 Drop Day
    Make sure you submit your Gatsby Essay
    5/18 Death of a Salesman
    Submit your Gatsby Essay
    5/19 Death of a Salesman
    Membean 90 mins.
    Make sure your essay is submitted
    5/20 Death of a Salesman
    Membean - 90 mins. for May
    5/23  Death of a Salesman
    Review Death of a Salesman characters
    5/24 Drop Day
    Finish reading Act I of Death of a Salesman
    Quiz tomorrow on Act I
    5/25  Death of a Salesman
    Act I Quz today
    5/26 No school
    5/27 No School
    5/30 No School
    Membean - 90 minutes due tomorrow at 11:59 pm
    6/1 Death of a Salesman
    You can still do membean for May(last day)
    Final: An in-class essay comparing Death of a Salesman to either The Great Gatsby or A Raisin in the Sun - comparing the American Dream in both stories and how it is portrayed. We will do the essay in class next week. Brainstorming this week
    6/2 Death of a Salesman
    June membean due 6/23 (30 minutes)
    6/3 Death of a Salesman
    Membean- 90 minutes by 6/23
    6/6 Death of a Salesman
    6/7 Drop Day
    12/6 Topic: Poetry Project
    Presentation of Poetry Projects
    Membean due 90 minutes for December
    Drop Day
    12/8 Topic: Poetry Project
    HW: Read the first seven pages of the packet "John Redding Goes to Sea" for tomorrow. They may be a quiz on the reading tomorrow.
    12/9 Topic: Short Story John Redding Goes to Sea
    Finsih reading John Redding Goes to Sea
    There will be a quiz on it tomorrow
    Membean -90 Minutes
    12/10 Topic: Short Story John Redding Goes to Sea
    HW: Membean - 90 minutes
     12/15  Topic: A Raisin in the Sun

    HW: Finish reading scene 1 of Act I of the play A Raisin in the Sun

    Membean: Due 12/31 for December 90 minutes 

     12/16  Topic: A Raisin in the Sun 

     HW: Finish reading Act I, scene i only for tomorrow


     1/10/22  A Raisin in the Sun

     Finish reading Act II, s.iii for Wednesday

     Membean for the month of January

     1/11  A Raisin in the Sun

     Finish reading Act III of A Raisin In the Sun for tomorrow

     Membean for January 

     1/14  Essay Writing 

     If you did not finish writing a Thesis about the two poems we read in class, you should finish that and submit it to padlet. All this is on google classroom

     Membean: 120 minutes


    Essay Writing Practice

    Reading A Raisin in the Sun in class - finished the play 

    Finish writing your introduction paragraph on the two poems we read in class Due: tomorrow

    Membean- 120 minutes for January


    1/24 Essay Body Paragraphs for the two poems Hope is a thing with feathers and Harlem 

    Working in class on the three body paragraphs using the essay graphic organizer. 

    In-class essay on Thursday, 1/27. You can use your graphic organizer for the essay


    Membean for January 120 minutes

     Complete Journal #1 due Tues., 9/19
     90 minutes of Membean are due for the month of September  DUE DATE: 9/30/21
     Make sure you have completed Journal #2   
     You do not have to submit your journal entries - we will tell you when you should submit them
     Make sure you bring your computer to class each day.
     Read the short story handout "Rip Van WInkle" and annotate important points in the story DUE: Monday
     You should have completed Journal #4 on Friday, 9.17  (Do not submit it yet)
     Membean: 90 mins. due for this month

     Rip Van Winkle short story vocabulary quiz on 8 words we went over in class on Fri., 9/24

     All the words with definitions are on classroom

     Membean for September is 90 mins. by the end of the month


     Go onto Quizlet on google classroom and practice studying for the vocabulary quiz on Friday

     Journal #5 should have been completed today in class

     Membean Due: end of September (90 minutes is due for this month)

     Reading Rip Van Winkle



     Read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Wed., 9/30 (The abridged verision is on google classroom

     if you want to read that verision instead of the harder versiion. 

     Study for your vocabulary quiz tomorrow. The quizlet for the words is linked onto our 

     google classroom. 

     Membean: Due 90 mins. for Sept. 

     (We worked on Journal #6 today)


    See google classroom for all assignments

     Rip Van Winkle Vocabulary quiz (8 words)

     Writing Project: Ghost Story writing (2 paragraphs) due Monday, 9/27 

     You need two paragraphs: the first paragraph should be the ghost story 

      second paragraph should be the anyalsis of the story - the meaning of the story

      Finsih reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Mon., 9/27

      You can find the audio of the story on the interest to help you understand the story

      Please let me know if you need the audio verision.


    If you are absent, you can always find the work on classroom. 


     Topic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

     Writing a Ghost Story

    Topic: Finish reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Wednesday's class. The reading is on google classroom

    GHOST STORY - 2 paragraphs is due - Please submit it if you have not done so already

    Thursday, 9/30: In-class writing assignment (one paragraph in length) about Washington Irving on either Rip Van Winkle or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Membean due 90 mins. for September

    9/28  Topic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Drop Day: Make sure the above Ghost Story is handed in to classroom

    Finish reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" 

    Membean: 90 mins. for September

    HW: Ghost Story, reading of Sleepy Hollow and Membean

    9/29  Topic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Topic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    HW: Membean 90 minutes for September due Thursday night at 11:59 pm

    You need to submit your Ghost Story (paragraphs) by tomorrow

    In-class writing assignment (1 paragraph using the rubric given out in class) tomorrow on the readings of Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    ** There are many youtube videos of both tales to use as review or to help you understand the stories. 

    For the paragraph writing you must include:

    1) the claim: this should be your topic sentence

    2) 1 Quote or more to support your claim

    3)  Compentary: closing sentence that wraps up your claim and evidence


     Topic: In-class writing paragraph 


    Topic: In-class writing assingment 


    HW: Membean due tonight for Sept. 90 mins. 

    10/1 Topic: The Crucible Intro

    Topic: Intro to The Crucible

    HW:  Membean - 90 mins. due tonight

     All Journals are due tonight - #'s 1-9

    10/4 Topic: The Crucible Intro

    Membean: 130 mins. due at end of October

    Read the background introduction to the Crucible by

    Wedneday's class, 10/6

    Make sure all your Journals for Unit 1 are completed and


    10/6 Topic: The Crucible Background

     HW: 120 mins. of Membean Due 10/31 at 11:59 pm

     The Crucible Reading Assignment:

      For the Hold version of the book (the big brown 

     soft covered book, read Act I up to page 18 for 

     Th., 10/7

      For the Penguin version, read Act 1 up to page 32 for

      Th., 10/7 (the small white and black book)

    10/7 Topic: The Crucible Act I

    120 mins. of Membean Due Oct. 31st 11:59 pm


     10/8  Topic: The Crucible Act 1

     The Crucible Read Act II up to page 31   in the Holt edition and up to page 62  in the Penguin edition(small book) By

     Wed., 10/13

     Membean 120 mins. due for this month DUE: 10/31

     10/11  Punctuation Exercies

     The readig assignment above

     Open Note Quiz on Wed., 10/13  on using possesive apostrophes, the difference between

      it's and its

     You can use the Elements of Style Guide on google classroom also. 

     QUIZ: Fri., 10/15 Open book in-class writing quiz on Friday on The Crucible Act 1 and Act II

     10/13  The Crucible

     Finishing reading Act II of The Crucible for tomorrow's class


     10/15  Act I and II in-class writing quiz

     HW: Read Act III of The Crucible, up to page 46 n the Holt book  and page 102 Penguin Book for Monday, 10/18

     Do Membean - You need 120 minutes by 10/31

     10/18  Journal #5 

    Quiz: Fri., 10/22 on parenthetical expressions. You can use your notes from The Elements of Style worksheet on classroom. Journal #5 we did in class a few examples of these types of parenthetical expressions. You can use all of your notes. 

    HW: You should have read the assignment above from The Crucible for Wed., 10/20  (The page numbers are listed on classroom and under the 10/15 homework above)

    Membean - 120 minutes is due 10/31 at 11:59 pm for the month of October 


    10/21 Act III The Crucible

    Make sure you have read Act III

    Quiz tomorrow on parenthetical expressions (You can use the notes on google classroom)

    Membean - due 10/31  120 minutes

    Make sure your Journal Entries are up-to-date for Unit 2

    We have just completed Journal #6


    Act III The Crucible group work on story slides/Quiz on parenthetical expressions today

    Membean - 120 minutes. It will be checked and graded Due: 10/31 at 11:59 pm

    Quiz on Act III The Crucible on Wed., 10/27 (multiple choice,character Identification and short answers

    Working on slides for story details for Act III as a review of Act III in groups Due: Wed., 10/27


    The Crucible Act IV

    HW: Membean 


    Topics related to The Crucible 

    HW: Membean for the month of November (90 minutes)

    DUE: November 30th at 11:59 pm


    Topic: Review activity for The Crucible

     TeST on all acts of The Crucible on Fri., 11/12

     Review on Wed., 11/10

     Membean work for the month of November


     Please check with Mr. Finn if you think you have missed

     something so you can make it up before the marking period ends on Friday. 



    Topic: Review for the Test

    Study the characters and plot for all of the acts of The Crucible.

    If you need to rent the movie, you should do so. 


    Drop Day 

    HW: Study for the test tomorrow

    Membean work



    HW: Membean for the month of November 


    The Harlem Renissance

    Intro into A Raisin in the Sun

    HW: Membean 120 minutes for November due on Nov. 31st. 

    at 11:59 pm

    Bring a poem to class tomorrow


    Harlem Renissance Poetry Project

    Group Poetry Project

    All instructions are on google classroom 

    They need to choose a poem from the choices we gave them, analyze the poem, research the poet's background, identify all poetic devices and explain their meanings in the poem and how they enhance the meaning of the poem. 

    Due: TBA




    HW: Membaan for November 120 minutes due 

    11/30 at 11:59 pm


    Work on your group poetry project

    Directions are on google classroom


    Drop Day



    Poetry Project: Harlem Renissance

    Group Poetry Project Due: Fri., 12/3 (We have worked on it in class for a few days. It is a powerpoint google slides project)

    Presentation of Project: Mon., 12/6

    Membean for December 90 minutes due on 

    12/31 at 11:59 pm


    Poetry Project                                               

    See above for due dates

    Make sure your poetry project is completed and turned in tomorrow.


    Poetry Project Due today







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