• American Literature CPB Period 3

    Due Date Assignment

    Membean 30 minutes due Mon., 10/31   Also, The Crucible Quote Identification Worksheet on google classroom Due: Mon., 10/31



    Membean for the week 30 mins. due Mon., 11/7

    Students will work on quote worksheet and comprehension questions tomorrow in class. We will go over the answers so that students can study from them. 

    Quiz on Act II only (based on the quote worksheet and comprehension questions, your reading of Act II and any notes we have taken on Act II only.

    (multiple choice quiz)  Thursday, Nov. 3rd

    Your study guide will be your comprehension questions and quote identification worksheet

    11/1 Drop Day    

    Complete the Act II Comprehension questions on google classroom. Provide brief answers and submit to classroom. Review the quote identification worksheet (answer key is on google classroom) and your reading comprehension questions and answers. 

    Quiz tomorrow 

    11/3 Act II The Crucible Quiz today

       ***Please note the Independent Reading Book Review is NOT due Nov. 4th.  It has been changed to a later date. TBA  You should read your IR Book at home.  

    Membean 30 mins. for this week due 11/7

    IR Book Review due: 11/14  Must be a 500 word book review discussing the plot, themes and key ideas of the book 


    Read your IR Book

    Membean - 30 mins. due Mon., 11/7


    Drop Day

    Membean for the week


    HW DUE: Membean 30 minutes DUE: Mon.11/21 at the beginning of class 

    Book Review due: Today, Mon. 11/14



    QUIZ: FRIDAY, 11/18 ON ACT III OF THE CRUCIBLE  (multiple choice)

    Work on Act III Study Guide on google classroom tomorrow to help you prepare for the quiz.  We will review it in class on Th., 11/17. (It will not be counted as a homework grade) The answer key will be posted on google classroom on Thursday. 

    Membean for this week - 30 mins. Due Date: Mon., 11/21






    Complete google form survey due: Tues., 11/22

    We will begin reading Act IV of The Crucible tomorrow in class



    Watched The Crucible movie in class

    HW: Membean - 30 mins. due by class on Mon., 11/28

    We will begin reading Act IV in class on Monday, 11/28



    HW: Membean - 30 mins. due: Mon., 11/28


    Reading the Crucible in class Act IV. We are up to page 56 in the book

    HW: Membean 30 mins. due Mon., 12/5th

    We will be doing an essay after we finish reading Act IV. There will be no Act IV quiz. 


     Drop Day (no class) HW: Membean due Mon., 12/5


    Read Act IV in class up to page 59

    HW: Membean DUE: Mon., 12/5


    Finished the play The Crucible in class today

    We will be watching the movie tomorrow in class.

    There is no quiz on Act IV. We will be giving out an essay assignment soon. 

    HW: Membean - 30 mins. due Mon., 12/5


     Finished watching The Crucible today in class

    HW: Membean - 30 mins. Due: Mon., 12/5








































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