• World Literature II CPB Period 2


    Class Announcements: 

    Membean:  Complete 45 mins.  by every Sunday 11:45.  Due 15 mins. for 3 days.   Do not do them all in one sitting.  NO membean this week 11/28-12/04

    Due Date Assignment

    Hercules Quiz on Myth and Vocabulary

    Use the study guides to review


    Complete the 12 Labours Chart.  Make sure to use details. 


    If not done, complete Red Ink and read the rest of the Hercules myth.

    Create a Kahoot! or vocabulary cards for the Hercules myth.


    Quiz on Theseus - Comprehension and Vocabulary


    Complete Study Guide (If you would like to discuss your answers or check them, please come to our class during lunch.  I am happy to go over your work with you.  If you are busy during lunch, I can meet with you before school or after school tomorrow to help you out.  Just send me an email.)




    Complete the questions for the Theseus myth from class today.  Use specific details and names for your answers.


    Flashcards for Theseus Vocabulary (Using the assigned vocab. from the myth to create flashcards.  Take a photo of the cards or attach the link if you create digital cards.) 


    Quiz:  Perseus comprehension and vocabulary.  


    Optional Lunch Time review session: Room 221 starting at 11:40 

    Bring your lunch and let's talk about mythology.


    Completed the in-class achieve assignment (The Not -So-Scary Truth About Spiders) from today by 11:59 pm.


    Complete the in-class achieve assignment (Election Day Heroes) from today by 11:59 pm.


    Olympian's Dinner Party party poster due before class


    Quiz on "The Palace of Olympus"  text.  Use your text and notes to review. 


    NoRedInk homework 


    Complete today's RedInk Assignment

    Complete the classwork:  notes on the two gods and goddesses from the text-upload  


    Due Sunday at 11:59-Complete 45 mins. of Membean

    Complete Achieve 3000 assignment "Real-Life Marvel Heroes"


    Complete the classwork:  notes on the two gods and goddesses from the text-upload


    Complete god and goddesses note chart for Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon

    Achieve 3000: Complete the assigned article on gods and goddesses

    9/25 45 Mins. of Membean by Sunday 11:59 pm
    9/19 Summer Reading Presentation: Slides completed and ready to present



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