• World Literature 1 CPA Period 7 

    Membean: 60 minutes are due on the 15th of the month, as well as on the last day of the month.

    Minutes must be completed before midnight, the day before they are due.




    The Final Exam will be on Tuesday, June 13, 2023

    Time: 8:10-10:10 am

    Location: Cafeteria


    Last 60 minutes of Membean due tonight before midnight (Date range: 5/15-5/30)  


    Edpuzzle for the Movie version of Master Harold and the boys due Thursday night


    Edpuzzle for Master Harold and the boys due by Friday night  


    Quiz on Chapters 7-12


    Siddhartha In-Class Essay today


    Bring your book for the in-class essay on Wednesday!  


    Quiz on Chapters 4-6


    Character chart due before midnight! Finish the questions on ch. 7-12


    Read Ch. 11-12 “Om” & “Govinda”  (End of text); complete the assignment on Close Reading from class, if not done  


    Read Ch. 9-10 “The Ferryman” & “The Son”


    Read Ch. 8 “By the River”



    120 minutes due on April 29th at midnight

    Date range: 3/31-4/29


    Quiz on Chapters 1-3; complete the assignment on symbols and motifs if not done in class  


    Read Ch. 7 “Samsara” and complete the questions and paragraph from class if not already done; continue working on the character chart as well


    Read Ch. 6 “Amongst the People” 


    Complete the literary terms doc if not done during class; Continue to work on the character chart (due 5/4); Read Ch. 4-5 “The Awakening” and  “Kamala”


    Complete the questions for Ch. 1-3; start working on the character chart (due 5/4/23 evening)


    Finish the edpuzzle from class if not completed; Read Ch. 3  “Gotama”


    Read Ch. 2 “With the Samanas” 



    Read Ch. 1 “The Brahmin’s Son”


    Poetry presentations are due on Google Classroom by midnight - presentations will be done in class  


    Edpuzzles for "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" and "The Road Not Taken" due by Tuesday night (3/28/23)  



    Chinese Cinderella Quiz (entire memoir)

    Essay due tonight on Google Classroom before midnight


    Essay planning/writing/editing in class today and tomorrow

    The essay is due on Thursday 3/23/23 before midnight!

    3/20/23 Complete the Edpuzzle if not already done  
    3/16/23 Read CC Chapters 21-22 (end of the memoir); complete the Theme body paragraph from class if not done  
    3/15/23 Read CC Chapters 19-20
    3/14/23 Read CC Chapters 17-18
    3/13/23 Read CC Chapter 16; work on the questions for Ch. 13-22 - Due Thursday night on GC  
    3/9/23 Read CC Chapter 15; finish the questions for the non-fiction articles from class  
    3/8/23 Read CC Chapter 14
    3/7/23 Ch 1-12 Questions due tonight; Read CC Chapters 12-13
    3/6/23 Read CC Chapter 11
    3/2/23 Read CC Chapters 9-10; Chinese culture project due 3/5 before midnight
    3/1/23 Read CC Chapters 6-8; questions for Ch. 1-12 due 3/7
    2/28/23 Read CC Chapters 4-5
    2/27/23 Quiz on 2 stories: "The Treatment of Bibi Haldar" and "The Third and Final Continent" (the quiz does not include "This Blessed House")
    2/24/23 In-Class Essay Day 2

    In-Class Essay (prompt has been posted Google Classroom) Day 1

    - may only bring in post-it notes in the hard copy of the book for selected quotes!

    2/16/23 Quiz on 5 Stories: 1-6 (exclude "Sexy")
    2/10/23 Quiz on 3 Stories: 1-3; Start working on questions for “The Treatment of Bibi Haldar,” and “The Third and Final Continent” - Due Monday night
    2/9/23 Finish finding the 4 quotes for the questions on "Mrs. Sen's" from class; read “The Third and Final Continent”
    2/8/23 Complete the Themes document and body paragraph if not done in class; Read “The Treatment of Bibi Haldar”
    2/7/23 Read “This Blessed House”
    2/6/23 Complete the paragraph response on the bottom of the doc for "A Real Durwan"; Also, read “Mrs. Sen’s”
    2/2/23 Complete the LinkIt assessment, if not completed during class; Read "A Real Durwan"  
    2/1/23 Complete the questions for "A Temporary Matter" if not done; Read the story, “Interpreter of Maladies”
    1/31/23 Read “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”

    Interpreter of Maladies:

    Read “A Temporary Matter”

    1/26/23 Personal narrative due Friday night on GC  
    1/25/23 Socratic seminar in class - graded based on the rubric on Google Classroom
    1/23/23 Complete any more prep work for the Socratic Seminar tomorrow  
    1/19/23  Continue working on the unread chapter project - due on GC Friday night  
    1/18/23 Read “Save Me Mickey” “Swoosh-Swoosh” “With a Little Help from My Friends”; Complete the webquest from class if not already done
    1/17/23 Read from Funny in Farsi: “Leffingwell Elementary School” “Hot Dogs and Wild Geese” “In the Gutter”
    1/13/23 Read Chapter 11-“Outside”; complete the Edpuzzle and the questions for Ch. 6-11 from class, if not done  

    Read Chapter 10- “A Young Man's Long, Awkward, Occasionally Tragic, and Frequently Humiliating Education in Affairs of the Heart, Part I: Valentine’s Day”

    Complete the assignment on setting (on Google Classroom)  

    1/11/23 Read Chapter 9- “The Mulberry Tree”; Complete the Themes document from class
    1/10/23 Read Chapters 7-8- “Fufi” and “Robert”
    1/9/23 Read Chapter 6- “ Loopholes”; complete the 3 Edpuzzles from class if not done  

    Read Chapter 4- “Chameleon”

    Complete the questions for Ch. 1-4 Born a Crime - Due Sunday night

    1/5/23 Read Chapter 3- “Trevor, Pray”
    1/4/23 Read from Born a Crime: Chapter 1- “Run” and Chapter 2- “Born a Crime”
    12/23/22 Romeo and Juliet Film and Play comparison assignment will be due today by 12:10 p.m. on Google Classroom  
    12/19/22 Romeo and Juliet Essay due tonight before midnight on Google Classroom  
    12/16/22 Quiz on All Acts (I-V): Matching, Fill-in, Plot Order and Multiple Choice
    12/12/22 Act V Review Edpuzzle due Thursday night (12/15)  
    12/9/22 Quiz on Act IV: Line interpretation with literary terms
    12/8/22 Full Act V Edpuzzle due by Sunday night  
    12/7/22 Complete the Act IV questions and Act IV quiz review, if not done in class  
    12/5/22 Complete the Act IV Edpuzzle by Thursday night  
    12/2/22 Quiz on Act III: Matching and Multiple Choice
    11/30/22 Quiz on Act II: Line interpretation 

    Finish the Quiz Review for Act III from class

    Reminder: the 3 Shakespeare Edpuzzles are due by the end of the day 11/30  

    11/16/22 Complete the 4 Edpuzzle videos on Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet - Act II one is Due 11/20, the 3 Shakespeare ones are due 11/30  
    11/14/22 Quiz on Act I: Matching and Multiple Choice 
    11/8/22 Complete the Act 1 Edpuzzle; review for the quiz on Monday
    11/4/22 Act 1 Review and Discussion questions due Sunday night on Google Classroom  
    10/31/22 Finish the Shakespeare Edpuzzle if not completed during class  
    10/30/22 60 minutes of Membean due before midnight tonight (from 10/15-10/30)  
    10/28/22 Quiz today on Ch. 17-25
    10/27/22 In-Class essay on The Kite Runner  
    10/26/22 Essay prep sheet must be completed and printed, along with the essay checklist, for Thursday's in-class essay  
    10/21/22 Quiz today on Ch. 9-16; questions for Ch. 17-25 due Sunday evening  
    10/20/22 Read Ch. 25 (The end of The Kite Runner)  
    10/19/22 Read Ch. 24 (The Kite Runner); Bring in your symbolism poster to class tomorrow, if not already handed in today 
    10/18/22 Read Ch. 23 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/17/22 Read Ch. 22 (The Kite Runner); continue working on questions for Ch. 17-25   
    10/14/22 Quiz today on literary terms; HW: Read Ch. 21 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/13/22 Read Ch. 19-20 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/12/22 Read Ch. 18 The Kite Runner)    
    10/11/22 Read Ch. 17 (The Kite Runner); complete the Themes assignment from class if not already done  
    10/10/22 Read Ch. 16 (The Kite Runner)  

    Read Ch. 14-15 (The Kite Runner); continue studying the literary terms for the quiz on 10/14

    Continue working on making Kahoot questions - due Sunday night  

    10/3/22 Read Ch. 12-13 (The Kite Runner)  
    9/30/22 60 minutes of Membean due today (by midnight of 9/29)  

    Quiz today on Ch. 1-8

    HW: Read Ch. 11 (The Kite Runner) 


    Read Ch. 9-10 (The Kite Runner)  


    Summer Reading Essay is due by midnight on Google Classroom.

    Bring a PRINTED and STAPLED copy to class next week.


    Read Ch. 7-8 (The Kite Runner)  


    Socratic Seminar in class today - Anticipation guide

    Read Ch. 5-6 (The Kite Runner)  


    Complete the 2 Edpuzzles from class and the Anticipation guide, if not complete.

    Read Ch. 3-4 (The Kite Runner)  


    Complete the Webquest from class, if not done

    Read Ch. 1-2 (The Kite Runner)

    9/15/22 60 minutes of Membean due today (by midnight of 9/14)

    Summer Reading Essay GRAPHIC ORGANIZER due by midnight on Google Classroom

    Essay is due before midnight on 9/23/22

    9/12/22 Complete the conclusion for the "All Summer in a Day" sample essay and turn in your document on Google Classroom; Bring in your summer reading books for tomorrow  
    9/9/2022 Complete the introduction and ONE body paragraph for the short story, "All Summer in a Day" that we started in class. Make sure that you are typing in the document included in the Essay Writing post on Google Classroom.




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