MEMBEAN: 60 minutes are due on the 15th of the month, as well as on the LAST day of the month.

    Minutes must be completed before midnight, the day BEFORE they are due.

    10/28/22 Quiz today on Ch. 17-25
    10/21/22 Quiz today on Ch. 9-16
    10/20/22 Read Ch. 25 (The end of The Kite Runner)    
    10/19/22 Read Ch. 24 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/18/22 Read Ch. 23 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/17/22 Read Ch. 22 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/14/22 Read Ch. 21 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/13/22 Read Ch. 19-20 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/12/22 Read Ch. 18 The Kite Runner)    
    10/11/22 Read Ch. 17 (The Kite Runner)    
    10/10/22 Read Ch. 16 (The Kite Runner)  
    10/6/22 Read Ch. 14-15 (The Kite Runner)  
    10/3/22 Read Ch. 12-13 (The Kite Runner)  
    9/30/22 60 minutes of Membean due today (by midnight of 9/29)  

    Quiz today on Ch. 1-8

    HW: Read Ch. 11 (The Kite Runner)  


    Read Ch. 9-10 (The Kite Runner)  


    Summer Reading Essay is due by midnight on Google Classroom.

    Bring a PRINTED and STAPLED copy to class next week.


    Read Ch. 7-8 (The Kite Runner) 

    Complete the Ch. 1-8 questions if not done in class


    Socratic Seminar in class today - anticipation guide statements

    Read Ch. 5-6 (The Kite Runner)  


    Complete the 2 Edpuzzles from class and the Anticipation guide, if not complete.

    Read Ch. 3-4 (The Kite Runner)  


    Complete the Webquest from class, if not done

    Read Ch. 1-2 (The Kite Runner)

    9/15/22 60 minutes of Membean due today (by midnight of 9/14)

    Summer Reading Essay GRAPHIC ORGANIZER due by midnight on Google Classroom

    Essay is due before midnight on 9/23/22

    9/12/22 Complete the conclusion for the "All Summer in a Day" sample essay and turn in your document on Google Classroom; Bring in your summer reading books for tomorrow
    9/9/22 Complete the introduction and ONE body paragraph for the short story, "All Summer in a Day" that we started in class. Make sure that you are typing on the document included on the Essay Writing post on Google Classroom.


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