• World Literature 1 - Period 7


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    Membean Reminder: 30 mins. Due every Sunday by 11:59 pm


    Due Date Assignment

    Final Exam - Completed in class 


    "Funny in Farsi" Completed Essay Due before class


    "Funny in Farsi" Intro and all three body paragraphs completed


    "Funny in Farsi" essay Intro and Body 1 completed


    Answer questions 5, 6 and 8


     Literary terms Quiz



    Romeo and Juliet  Act 5 Quiz


    Romeo and Juliet Act 3 & 4 Quiz   

    Make sure you study the following terms:

     Imagery, simile, alliteration, metaphor, oxymoron, personification, hyperbole 

    12/8 Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Quiz - Review using your questions.  Also, review the literary terms chart.  We worked on Similie, Metaphor, Personification, Foreshadowing, Oxymoron.
    11/21  Essay for Chinese Cinderella due
    11/9 Chapters 18 - 22 Quiz
    11/2 Chapter 13 - 16 Quiz.  Use your questions to review.  
    10/14 Chapters 5-9  Quiz
    9/20 Cinderella Stories Quiz: You can print out the comparison chart to help you with the quiz.  Please PRINT it. You can NOT use it off your computer.
    9/13 Summer Reading essay 




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