Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Koenig

    Link to Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ1MDM5ODYxODE1

    Class Announcements: FINAL EXAM will be happening June 5-9!

    Membean Reminder: 30 min due every Sunday at 11:59pm

    Due Date Assignment
    5/25 "Devoted Son" questions, chart, and paragraphs
    5/11 Funny in Farsi essay Introduction and Thesis statement should be done
    5/4 read "I-ranyans Need Not Apply" and "Girls Just Want to Have Funds" and answer the questions
    4/27 Quiz on pages 57-87
    4/26 Read Funny in Farsi chapter "The Ham Amendment" and answer the questions
    4/24 finish reading FF chapter "Waterloo" and answer the questions
    4/21 Funny in Farsi "Of Mosquitoes and Men" questions
    4/20 Quiz on Funny in Farsi pages 1-49
    4/20 Quiz review questions (if not finished in class)
    4/17 Funny in Farsi "A Dozen Keychains" questions
    4/13 Funny in Farsi part 1 questions- all of them!
    4/11 Funny in Farsi- read "Hot Dogs and Wild Geese" and "In the Gutter" and answer the questions
    3/30 BAC slide project due 
    3/29 Complete personal essay due
    3/23 BAC Ch. 10 reading check today
    3/22 Two paragraphs of personal essay (if not finished in class), read BAC Ch. 10
    3/10 Activity 1 paragraph
    3/2 BAC Ch. 6-8 Quiz
    2/16 BAC Ch. 3-4 Quiz
    2/8 finish BAC Ch. 3 questions
    2/7 BAC Ch. 3 questions 1-6
    2/3 BAC Ch 1-2 Quiz
    2/1 Born a Crime Ch. 2 questions
    1/27 Born a Crime Ch. 1 questions
    1/26 Literary Terms quiz today
    1/23 Literary terms slides 
    1/20 Romeo and Juliet Essay due today
    1/18 Essay outline
    1/6 Romeo and Juliet Act III Quiz today
    12/15 Romeo and Juliet Act II Quiz today
    11/18 Chinese Cinderella Essay
    11/9 Chinese Cinderella Ch. 18-22 Quiz today
    11/1 Chinese Cinderella Ch. 13-16 Quiz today
    10/14 Chinese Cinderella Ch. 5-9 Quiz today
    9/29 Chinese Cinderella Ch. 1-4 Quiz today
    9/20 Cinderella Stories Quiz
    9/13 Summer Reading essay 



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