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    Membean Reminder: 15 minutes per week due every Sunday at 11:59pm



    Due Date Assignment
    5/23 Chinese Cinderella Paragraphs
    5/12 Chinese Cinderella Ch 16 EdPuzzle
    4/19 Chinese Cinderella Ch. 1-3 questions
    3/31 City of Joy questions
    3/15 Kaffir Boy worksheet (if not finished in class)
    3/9 Crackling Day questions (if not finished in class)
    3/8 Finish reading Crackling Day and write summary
    3/2 Country Lovers questions (if not finished in class)
    3/1 Commonly Confused Words packet (if not finished in class)
    2/28 BAC Final Paragraph due at 8am
    2/14 BAC Ch. 15 finish chapter and questions
    1/31 BAC Chapters 9-13 questions and quotes
    1/28 BAC Patrica Essay due at 8am
    1/24 Born A Crime vocabulary sentences (if not finished in class)
    12/10 Finish Transitions Worksheet (if not finished in class)
    12/8 Danger of a Single Story Paragraph
    12/3 Farewell to Manzanar Project
    11/30 Farewell to Manzanar Ch. 20-22 questions 
    11/10 Farewell to Manzanar Ch. 12 questions (if not finished in class)
    10/22 Farewell to Manzanar Ch. 3 and 4 questions (if not finished in class)
    10/13 Summer Reading Project: parts A, B, and C!
     9/27  Secret Life of Bees OR Rules of the Game Quote sheets




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