• Who am I to judge?

    We must give your child grades, but assessment differs from judgment.  Our job is to assess your child vis-à-vis the standards. Please see the chart below for a simplified definition of our 1-4 grading system. Here are the tools that help us determine your child’s achievement.  Please remember that a “3” means 100%. 'Threes' in academic subjects are really, really good!  For behavior, however, we expect students to earn 4s.

     Simplified Performance Standards for Student Work (Please see the Tenafly Public Schools Website for the report card rubrics.)




    Fully achieves the purpose of the task, while insightfully interpreting, extending beyond the task or raising provocative questions.


    Demonstrates and in-depth understanding of concepts and content.

    Communicates knowledge and learning effectively and clearly to various audiences using dynamic and diverse means.


    Accomplishes the basic purpose(s) of the task.  100%


    Shows clear understanding of concepts.

    Communicates effectively.


    Attempts completion; Does not accomplish the purpose(s) of the task.


    Displays basic understanding of major concepts even though some less important ideas may be missing.

    Communicates effectively but does not expand.


    Does not fully achieve the purpose(s) of the task; needs elaboration; some strategies may be ineffectual or not appropriate; assumptions about the purpose may be flawed.


    Gaps in conceptual understanding are evident.

    Limited or no communication of important ideas; results may be incomplete or unclearly presented.



    Since we expect 4's, however, in behavior; under the two categories of “Social Development” and “Work and Study Habits” a “4” is considered “meeting expectations” whereas under the academic areas a “4”is considered above grade level standards and is reflective of unusually high achievement.   

    • Earning a “4” in the areas of academics means that the student has an advanced understanding and consistently exceeds grade level expectations. A student receiving a “4” demonstrates academically superior skills and/or may come to lessons with prior knowledge in that specific content area.
    • This student shows initiative, challenges him or herself by doing extra credit assignments, and demonstrates their advanced knowledge at school. A “4” (especially in 5th grade) is very difficult to obtain and indicates unusually high achievement.

    *Students will always receive opportunities to try and attain a “4” during each marking period. This does not  guarantee a “4”  as several factors must be taken into account.

    For more information, please read the district's rubrics.

    Specific Items & Assignments Used for Assessment By Subject

    It is our philosophy that nothing should be put in front of a student that doesn't have some assessment value.  Specifically, the following items will be used to determine a student's growth vis-a-vis the standards.

Comments and Questions; Reading Notebooks; Behavior during lessons; Schoolwide, Inc Assessments; F&P Running Records; Mondo Oral Language Assessment; Word ID Assessment; LinkIt

Comments and Questions; Writing Notebooks; Schoolwide Rubrics; Behavior during lessons; Plans; Drafts; Presentations; Final pieces; LinkIt

    Social Studies: Comments and Questions; Behavior during lessons; Notebooks; Projects; Tests; I-Searches; Projects