Lunch Menu & Payment Options

  • Beginning December 20th, the HSA will roll out its new lunch ordering platform. It is directly linked to Membership Toolkit. It is important that all families are properly registered on MTK so they will be able to order lunch in the new year.  

    Please take the time now to properly register your children and family in MTK so that you will be properly set up to order lunch. Even if you are receiving these newsletters, you may not be properly enrolled in the directory.  If you are having trouble, please contact the HSA at and we will work with you and MTK to get you properly enrolled.  

    Ordering with the new lunch program will begin soon and you will be ordering lunch for mid-January. 

    All lunches until then are still being ordered in the same method as you have until now. 

    This is just a notification to ensure you are properly enrolled in MTK for lunches that will begin mid-January.