Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

  • Tenafly Middle School Student Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedures


    The morning drop-off at the Tenafly Middle School can be a daunting task at certain times of the day. Below is how to properly drop off your children so that they are safe and get to class on time.


    Sunset Lane

    Drop off at the curb closest to the school. Do not double-park to let your children out as another vehicle may be leaving curbside and may not see your child. Please pull as far forward as you can so that the vehicles behind you can drop their children off as well. Please note that there are cones placed by the entrance ramp to the school. These cones are there so that any buses and or disabled persons can get into the school. Do not block this area.


    Pick up procedures should be the same. Again do not double-park, park along the curb closest to the school. Do not leave your vehicle unattended. Do not permit your child to cross in front of any cars. Remember to use your directional signals when pulling back into the lane of travel and always check your surroundings for vehicle and especially children.


    Tenafly Road

    Drop off at the curb closest to the school. Follow the flow of traffic through the Board of Education parking lot; do not go around the barricades to get around the lot faster as it only creates more congestion. Do not double park or block the fire hydrant. Tenafly Road is an active area for the Tenafly DPW, so do not block the Do Not Enter area at the end of the roadway.


    Pick up procedures should be the same. Please pay attention to the crossing guard on post, as he is responsible for the flow of children crossing the street. Please be aware that tickets will be issued to those who do not follow the rules of the road.


    Keep our students safe!