What Teachers CAN/CANNOT Do with Lightspeed Classroom Management

  • Teachers CAN

    Teachers CANNOT

    See the screens that a student is using when logged into the school network

    - If a student has a split screen or multiple monitors, the teacher can see only those screens associated with the district domain.

    Can’t see information on a student’s computer when they are not logged into the school network (i.e., using either a Tenafly-provided Chromebook or signing in with a @tenafly.k12.nj.us id).


    View student screens to identify any students that may be struggling with particular problem or activity and/or those completing activities quickly.

    Can’t access student screens unless both teacher and student are officially part of the pilot.

    Provide assistance to specific student or group of students through system through creation of immediate Zoom link.

    Can’t see the computer screens of students not involved in the pilot.

    Lock student screens to prevent them from using internet.

    Can’t lock screens of students not involved in the pilot.

    Enable access to specific set of internet locations or disable internet access during class.

    Can’t see information accessed or activities performed on the student’s computer outside of school hours.

    See live viewing activity of sites visited as they are being accessed during class times.

    Can’t see site history either from during previous class or outside of class times.

    Schedule Lightspeed to turn on automatically for specific class periods.

    Can’t view student activity outside of school hours. Post pilot, this may change so that teachers see activity during the exact class time only.

    Turn Lightspeed on/off during class time.

    Can’t leave Lightspeed on outside of school day.