Lightspeed Classroom Management

  • The Tenafly Public School District is piloting Lightspeed Classroom Management™ (spring 2021), a web-based service that helps teachers keep students safe and on track.  Lightspeed Classroom Management allows teachers to minimize distractions, increase overall instruction time, and most importantly, keep students focused during tests and quizzes. 

     Frequently Asked Questions


    Key Points: Lightspeed Classroom Management™

    • Of the various solutions offered by Lightspeed, Tenafly Public Schools is ONLY pursuing the Lightspeed Classroom Management solution.
    • Lightspeed Classroom Management helps teachers to keep their students logged in, participating, and focused. Lightspeed is like having the teacher right next to a student in the classroom.
    • Tenafly’s main use of the Classroom Management program is for testing, quizzes, and similar in-class tasks. Use during general classroom lessons will be limited.
    • The purpose of the pilot is to ensure that teachers find value in the program, it works as expected, and helps - not hinders - learning in the classroom, student progress, and student comfort with content and activities.
    • Teachers can only see what students are doing during school hours.
    • Lightspeed Classroom Management supports
    • an optional Screen Lock feature that locks student browsers and directs student attention to the teacher
    • auto-generated Zoom links that enable real-time teacher-student discussions
    • a screen-share feature, enabling teachers to assist students online in real time, even if the student is virtual
      • a lockdown browser option, similar to the process used by the district to lock browsers during testing, to ensure that only teacher-approved websites are accessed.
    • Parents do have the option of opting out their child(ren). However, we encourage all parents to realize the benefits of the program.
    • Lightspeed Classroom Management is only active when a student is signed into a district-provided device or Chrome with a district-provided id.*
      *If a student uses a personal device on which no one is signed into Chrome, then a sign in to any Google service automatically initiates a sign-in to Chrome using that same sign-in id. To avoid this scenario, a non-district id sign in to Chrome should be done prior to a student’s Google access.

    • All Lightspeed solutions are backed by a stringent company privacy policy.
    • We expect to roll out the pilot during the month of April.

    Note:  Although the district has no intention or capability to look at anything on the computers outside of what is accessed when the student is signed into our network during school hours, we strongly suggest that families take advantage of the district-provided devices. It remains the recommendation of the district that all students use district-issued devices when completing school work/activities. Use of a district device also serves as a physical reminder that the student is doing school work, during school hours, and confidentiality is waived when the student or staff member is on the district’s network.