• Prom pawprint Important Prom Updates 

    Dear parents,

    Earlier this week, the seniors were given these forms for prom, which is on June 1st.

    • The Medical Form MUST BE completed and submitted to Mrs. Toale when they purchase their prom tickets (5/3, 5/4, 5/5).
    • The information below will explain ticket sales and other details about prom.
    • If a student is going to be absent from school on the afternoon of 6/1 in order to get ready for prom and/or the days following prom, they must complete the Prom Sign Out Attendance Form and submit to the attendance office by Friday, 5/20.
    • If your senior is bringing a date that DOES NOT attend Tenafly HS, they must complete the Non-THS Student Attending Prom form with their parent signatures and the signatures of their school administration and submit this form to Mrs. Toale by 5/13. 

    Please contact ktoale@tenafly.k12.nj.us with any questions!

    Medical Form and Prom Info

    Prom Sign Out Attendance Form

    Non-THS Student Attending Prom



    1. Please be certain that no alcoholic beverages are consumed and that adequate adult supervision is provided prior to arriving at the Prom.
    2. Once arriving at the Prom, students will pass through a security/screening checkpoint.
    3. Students will be expected to remain inside until their entire group chooses to leave for the evening.
      1. Individuals or groups leaving prior to the end of the event will require pre-approval and/or parent/guardian contact.
    4. Smoking and vaping is prohibited. Prom is a school event and all school policies will be enforced.