• Club Title Mission Advisor Club President(s) Meeting Days Meeting
    A. I. Club 1. To explore branches of science that most students have not been exposed to and, in the process, pique interest.
    2. Facilitate discussions and develop fledgling programmers, inexperienced developers, and etc.
    3. Introduce career choices in the field of computer science, specifically in artificial intelligence.
    4. Gain experience and advice from professionals in the field
    Mrs. Coyle Jonah Schanzer and Chaeyoung Lee Once a month after school on A day. 144
    Amateur Radio and Communications Club The organization’s purpose will be to explore the technology of HAM radios, learn about the
    technology, explore other communications-related fields, communicate with other HAM radio enthusiasts and operators, and to eventually have every member obtain a HAM license.
    Señora Pelaez-Martinez Arthur Khaytin First C day of each month during lunch 116
    American Sign Language Club (ASL) The American Sign Language (ASL) Club strives to teach ASL to members and create a more inclusive environment. With this club, we hope to promote awareness and sensitivity to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Ms. Hampson Skyler Salk and Emmie Tubin C Days during lunch 209
    Art Club The Art Club provides an opportunity for artistically inclined students to create and further develop their talents. We will participate in local and national art contests and work on beatifying the school with several exhibits showing student work. Anyone with a passion for art should join! Ms. Allen Madison Shen Lunch time - day TBD 131
    Astronomy Club 1. To explore topics that have to do with astronomy.
    2. To help students actively learn more about space..
    3. To discuss recent findings and scientific news.
    4. Gain experience potentially working with space viewing devices.
    Mrs. Coyle Will Kaminski Once a month after school on A days. 144
    B.A.S.I.C We are a Christian-based club in THS that focuses on building community and creating safe spaces to discuss Christian culture. We hope to encourage and support our members in their emotional and spiritual health in order to build intimate relationships and stronger connections among students. Mr. Laux Karis Cho, Jacqueline, Andy Kim First Friday or Monday of each month at 7:30 am 113
    Badminton Club To provide a friendly, casual place for people who wish to play badminton as a fun form of exercise and a break from their daily studies. Mrs. Schmarge Kun-Ryo Goh Friday 3:30 Main Gym
    Behind the Screens (THS Film Club) Our club is about inspiring future directors, actors, or cinematographers to pursue a career in the film industry. We create short films later used in screenings that we will run. Of course, it is your choice what your film would do, you are the creator. This club puts you in the front seat allowing you to immerse yourself into the world of film. Ms. Williams Isaac H. Lee and Dina Kalim A Day during lunch 116
    Biochemistry Club In the Biochemistry Club, our goal is to allow members to fulfill their interests in biochemistry and related topics. With the possibility of guest speakers as well as preparation for end of year competitions, the Biochemistry Club is perfect for anyone looking to give some more in depth science a try. Ms. Firnberg Jonathan Levy Bi-monthly meetings on Tuesdays 238
    Biodiversity Club In the Biodiversity Club, our goal is to allow members to fulfill their interests in natural sciences such as ecology, earth science, zoology, etc... With guest speakers, potential events, and optional competitions/projects for all those interested, the Biodiversity Club holds numerous opportunities for anyone interested in the field of natural sciences! Ms. Ihn Jonathan Levy and Suchir Joshi Thursdays during unit lunch 146
    Blue Ocean Competition Club The Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition is the most prestigious, virtual entrepreneurship competition in the world founded by and supported by high school students. Every year, individuals and/or teams pitch their innovative business concepts to experienced entrepreneurs and businesspeople, receive feedback on their ideas, join a community of like-minded students, and compete for thousands in cash prizes. Mr. Alesandro AidenKrummermann Weekly 230
    Bob Ross Painting Club The mission of the Bob Ross Painting Club is to offer a casual environment for people interested in following a Bob Ross painting tutorial and to provide an outlet for creativity and to relieve stress. Ms. Griffin Madison Situ Once a month, afterschool 203
    Book Club The book club is devoted to studying and discussing books that are selected by students rather than faculty. This year, there is a special emphasis on diverse authors. Mr. Finn Ella Bareket C Days at Lunch 219
    Chemistry Club To promote interest and curiosity about the role of chemistry in our lives, and compete in the NJ Chemistry Olympics at NJIT––a hands-on academic competition in chemistry among NJ schools which includes chemistry and engineering research events, lab events, demonstration and model building events and more! Ms. Anat Firnberg TBD Thursday after school 238
    Chess Club To promote the sport of chess
    To improve our chess skills
    To have healthy competition as well as friendly play
    To participate in chess tournaments within the school as well against other schools/ clubs
    To have fun!!!
    Mr. Kolb and Mr. Rosko Adityan Swaminathan

    Wednesdays during lunch

    THS Library Library
    Chinese Club The mission of Chinese Cultural Club at Tenafly High School is to create an inclusive community and promote Chinese culture awareness. We strive to educate our members on academic, artistic, social, political, and cultural issues related to the Chinese community. This organization promises to strengthen and improve our surrounding community.

    Ms. Sung Tamura Ayano Mondays after school (usually 3:15-3:45) 122
    Clean our Waters club We focus on the pollution of flotsam in the oceans and other bodies of water. We research and raise awareness about the plastic pollutions affecting the oceans. Ms. Osborn Adriana Hong Tuesdays / lunch 123
    Coding Club Our club will guide those who are interested in programming. Our club will focus on a variety of topics such as preparing for competitive programming competitions (e.g. USA Computing Olympiad) and building projects (e.g. games, websites, machine learning). Though we strongly recommend you to have basic programming experience (any language is OK but C++, Java, or Python is preferred), we can teach basic concepts if necessary. Ms. Sedlock Suguru Chhaya, Dylan Weiss Thursdays (bi weekly) at lunch 221
    Controversy Club We provide a safe, respectful place for students to engage in thoughtful conversations on controversial subjects. Mr. Hutchinson Ben Goldstein Fridays during lunch 206
    Culinary Club The Culinary Club seeks to attract students who share a love for food and an interest in learning culinary skills. The club encourages students from different backgrounds for the purpose of learning about different cultures through sharing some of their traditional foods and culinary practices. Ms. Johnson Isabelle Yan, Ayano Tamura Thursdays 3:15 - 4:30 135
    Dance For Good THS Dance For Good is a fundraising club, started by Sydney DeLahunta and Reese Polk, that focuses on raising money for different dance charities who help young dancers around the world. Many of these dancers do not have the resources to do what hey love, so we collect money and dance-wear as an attempt to help these kids who are not as privileged as the kids who live in Tenafly. Mrs. Capone Reese Polk and Sydney DeLahunta Every other C day during lunch 140
    Debate To engage in political policy debates and discourse. Ms. Diaz Senior Varsity Debaters TBD 203
    DeCA Preparing students for business. Mr. Alesandro Aiden Krummermann Lunch Weekly 230
    Echo The Echo, the school’s newspaper, has been publishing stories on a variety of subjects, ranging from school news to current events, continuously since 1896. Now published online and in conjunction with the Journalism elective, The Echo seeks to provide a voice to the student body through the publication of student-produced journalism in the form of written articles and videos, and offers resources to improve the writing skills of participating students. Mr. Whitehead Erin Hong, Gia Shin, Jacqueline Kim D days during lunch 222
    Fairytale Club Our mission in Fairytale is making the club the most meaningful, memorable, and magical to our Tiger Tots. Every time we meet, we will be doing different kinds of art, such as drawing, painting, making crafts, and much more than can excite everyone in our club. The most significant mission for this club is to create a special experience for our Tots, and for everyone that wants to help and create something magical. Ms. Drake Yoobin Kim Wed at Lunch 118
    FCCLA Our Mission is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Ms. Evanowski Rebecca Wong One A Day a month during Lunch 132
    Future of Fashion Club The Future of Fashion Club's mission is to foster an inclusive environment, encouraging diverse perspectives and unconventional thought. Freedom of expression is one of the most important things, especially of anyone trying to uncover their sense of self. The FOF seeks to help students connect with peers, foster sense of confidence, and better appreciate individuality, as we deepen bonds and celebrate differences. Ms. Pelaez- Martinez Gabrielle Beck, Lia Kim every other D day 115
    Global Humanitarian Club (formerly known as GCU) This club is a student-led humanitarian organization that aims to support global humanitarian issues through fundraising and education initiatives. Students in the club follow and investigate local and worldwide causes in need of humanitarian support and then organize activities, events, and fundraising efforts to help raise awareness and financial support to these causes. Ms. Williams Sheryl Kim C day first half of lunch 116
    Global Support for Women Club Through this club, we hope to empower young women, educate people on domestic violence, and take part in volunteer opportunities at the Women’s Center in Englewood, New Jersey. We want to provide support for the women in our local area and throughout the globe. Ms. Roux Gabi Eimbinder and Blake Rubach TBD 107
    Green Team The THS Green Team fosters environmental; awareness in the THS community. This year our focus is composting at THS. Dr. Kennedy N/A Every other E day at lunch 148
    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) We strive to provide a space space and cultivate a tolerant community in school for people of all genders and sexual preferences through education, support, advocacy, fundraising, and bonding. Agapi Schmarge Chantel Liang and Libby Hod A Days, during the second half of lunch (11:40) 202
    Habitat for Humanity To help families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. Ms. Schmarge Jessica Huang Every other Wednesday during the second half of lunch. 202
    Hiking Club The Hiking Club's mission is to create a community for everyone in the THS who is interested in hiking. We will go on monthly hikes on weekends as a club. There will also be community service opportunities with local outdoor organizations. Mrs. Wissler Jaden Uram Thursdays at Lunch 105
    History Club To deepen our knowledge of history and practice in competition. Ms. Diaz Senior members tbd 203
    Impact Ambassadors Club IMPACT- Initiating Motivating Promoting Acts of Care in Tenafly.

    To improve community morale with acts of kindness. Some of the activities will include charity donations (of our choice for local community such as shelters, fire dept, etc.) though bake sales, car washes, volunteering in food pantry, WSilly Wonka Candy Sales with Golden Ticket winners, etc. Also, we will do acts of kindness like post a kind and positive note on freshmen lockers, sell stickers of semi-colons for mental health awareness, Teacher Appreciation, RESPECT week, etc.
    Ms.Ribau Dina Shlufman 1 or twice per month 118
    Indian Culture Club To create a community of the underrepresented Indian community in our school, create awareness for issues occurring in India, and ultimately to raise money to address said issues. Mr. Mirabito Bianca Thompson; Anya Tandon Every other Thursday at 3:15 205
    International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) The Tenafly International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) focuses on creating a safe and fun environment for new and/or international students. Members will be able to create new connections and friendships. The ISAB will also be in charge of activities that are related to helping international community issues. Ms. Ihn Junhyoung (Edward) Kim Tuesdays during lunch TBD
    Italian Culture Club The Italian culture club gathers students together who are all passionate about promoting and furthering their knowledge of the Italian culture. Our mission is to promote the Italian culture, raise money to donate to local organizations, and share our passion for the Italian culture with the community. Mr. Vicchio Laila Biberica, Sadie Lehrfeld, Sofia Cicero. Lunch on C days 119
    Key Club To develop initiative and leadership • To provide experience in living and working together • To serve the school and community • To prepare for useful citizenship Ms. Allen Hannah Joung Thursdays 3:15pm Pitt
    Kids 4 Kids Our club is dedicated to making a difference in kids' lives around the world. Simply put we are kids helping kids. We strive to give back to those who are less fortunate than us and need help. In the past we have started a children's library in Botswana, hosted a shoe drive and donated food and clothing to a domestic violence women's and children center. Ms. Ribau Leah Fink, Samantha Hirsh, Aryn Horovitz every other week, on d day Sra.
    Knitting Club Find Strategies for mindfulness and handle the stress of virtual/hybrid learning in collaborative setting with people who enjoy knitting/crocheting. Teach basic skills needed to knit/crochet. Mrs. Aparna Subramaniam Gaby Beck TBA 237
    Korean Cultural Club The mission of Korean Culture Club is to broaden the awareness of Korean culture through fun events and games, foster a tight-knit community, plan and carry out the Lunar New Year celebration, and hold fundraisers to raise money for Korean charities. Mrs. Kim Caroline Kim B days-Lunch Periods 120
    LINK - Liberty In North Korea Connected with the non-profit organization Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), our mission is to raise awareness surrounding North Korean human rights issues and fundraise for LiNK through organizing fun and informative events. We seek to support and share the philanthropic work they do in championing the causes of freedom and liberty for the North Korean people.

    Mr. Ahn-Cooper Jayden Ko Wednesdays bi-weekly during lunch 128
    Made with Love Our mission is to put a smile on kids faces who are currently in the hospital by putting together fun baskets to cheer them up! Ms. Ribau Rori Kramon Jemma Bienenfeld TBD 118
    Math Club The mission of the math club is to enjoy solving math problems with peers and freinds and to compete in reigorous math contests at county, state and national levels. Ms. Wissler Chaeyoung Lee, Madison Shen TB determined possible Thursdays 105
    Medical Students of the Future (MSF) The purpose of this club shall be to encourage the dream many students have: to pursue careers in the medical field. The medical field is a common interest for many our age, but it can be difficult to chase this dream if students aren’t offered in and out of school medical experiences. Our club’s main focus is to compete in HOSA competitions and attend leadership workshops, where mentors and retired doctors discuss their professions. Our club will hold fundraisers and toy drives for people in need. This club strives to be its own element, while also incorporating HOSA into it. All in all, our club - along with HOSA’s components - will compile volunteer opportunities, leadership workshops, and face-to-face discussions with mentors. Multiple speakers associated in the medical field will speak at our club meetings as well (or via Zoom). This club is essential for Tenafly students hoping to pursue medical professions because it provides them with a strong basis of information. Ms. Bilali Angela Chang A days lunch 114
    Mental Health Stigma Free To normalize the stigmas surrounding mental health
    To provide an open environment for Tenafly students to discuss teen-related issues
    To help students a better understanding of themselves
    To educate the community about mental health and psychology.
    Ms. Zlasney Kayla Cheng Gia Shin Karis Cho C days during Lunch Blue Room
    Mini Thon In this club, we aim to raise money for childhood cancer with fundraising to support Penn State Children’s Hospital and its mission of conquering childhood cancer. All members will be able to build leadership skills, work together for a cause, and engage in their local community. Sra. Vanessa Monell Crystal Ye B days during Lunch 123
    Mock Trial Club Our mission is to educate our members on the American legal system to the point where they will be able to compete in a formal mock trial, and hopefully continue down this path to having a job related to law. Ms. Griffin Noah Parker Once a week during lunch; meetings & Court Dates TBD 203
    Model UN Through public speaking, critical thinking, and in-depth research, the Model UN experience allows students to cultivate skills and enrich their global affairs knowledge. Ms. McKinnon Benjamin Goldstein Tuesday lunch 225
    Neuroscience Club “The Neuroscience Club aims to prepare members for the Brain Bee competition in February. We hope to create an environment to better understand the brain’s intricacies and learn from each other to set ourselves up for success in February.” Mrs. Aparna Subramaniam Anjali Jathavedam and Rhea Raghu Lunch D days (tentatively) 237
    New York Times Club read and discuss the "New York Times" on a daily basis. Mrs. Malanka Ben Pomeranz Thursdays at Lunch 214
    Olympics Committee Plan Olympics XLIII ! Ms. Barker, Ms. Haggerty, Ms. Tang-Johnson pending Wednesdays, After School 226 or Pitt 226
    Omega Omega is THS's literary and art magazine, which comes out every year. We accept submissions on an ongoing basis through March--both writing and visual art. Every year we strive a publish a provocative, inspiring and diverse edition. We meet weekly to review submissions and vote on whether to accept them. Ms. Malanka Dina Schlufman, Gia Shin D Days at Lunch 214
    PAW Club Paw club gathers students together who are all passionate about helping and saving animals. Our mission is to help out our nearby animal shelters, raise money to donate to our local shelters, and share our passion for helping pets. Mr. Vicchio Jamie Liu Lunch on B Days 119
    Perspective Club The mission of the club is for students to learn from successful leaders regarding their experience in the work place. As a result, students from the high school will get “perspective” and an insight as to what they would like to pursue in the future. Mr. Ahn-Cooper Adesh Jain and Gabi Eimbinder unsure 128
    Philosophy Club The Tenafly Philosophy Club offers students a space
    ponder and discuss difficult questions about ethics, technology, logic, language and cats in boxes.
    Mr. Oppedisano Daria Levy E days during lunch 215
    Photography Club To provide a forum for discussion and presentation of photography at THS. Ms. Eastwood Not as of yet. 1 x per month during lunch. Day is undecided as of now. 132
    Physics Club The mission of the Physics Club is to allow students to explore Physics and its applications such as engineering. The Physics Club members also have the opportunity to prepare for and participate in physics and engineering events such as the TEAMS engineering and science competition at the 9-10th grade level and the 11-12th grade level. In preparation for the competition, the Physics Club students research and study the themes of each year such as engineering healthier lives, clean energy, etc. Presentations are made on these issues. The competition involves three components: an essay, a test and a hands on engineering design and construction component.

    Ms. Coyle Sean Lee and Yoobin Kim Wednesdays right after school. 144
    Project C.U.R.E. Club “Project C.U.R.E. identifies, solicits, collects, sorts and distributes medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world.”(Project C.U.R.E.) Ms. Firnberg Junhyeok Park Wednesdays after school (subject to change) 238
    Robotics Club The mission of the robotics club is to utilize the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition, and potentially other minor competitions and activities, to promote interest in STEM and gain more experience in a collaborative setting. Members will be working through the design process by brainstorming, testing, and constructing a robot. Mr. Hubbard Sean Lee Tuesday lunch and after school.  Wednesday after school 145
    SAT Prep Club Our mission is to provide a productive and helpful environment for high school students to prepare and study for the SAT. Our club will also allow students who are too busy outside of school an opportunity to practice and refine their reading, writing, and math skills. Ms. Ihn Yicheng Huang, Alexander Lipton, Scott Simons Every other Wednesday during lunch 105
    Science Discovery Club The Science Discovery Club aims to foster the interest of science within young elementary students and engage them in the various aspects of the science world. The children will experience hands-on simplified experiments and participate in mini-lessons that will teach the concepts of the scientific topic we choose. Ms. Ahn Maria Kalas Every other Wednesday during lunch Ms. Ahn's Room
    Science Olympiad To increase student interest in science and engineering and to provide recognition for
    outstanding science achievement. Club members prepare and compete in the Science Olympiad tournament - a rigorous academic interscholastic competition. The events draw from biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, engineering and require knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.
    Ms Rubenchik and Mr Dove Hannah Park and Adriana Hong Thursday lunch or after school 142
    SEA Club (Save the Endangered Animals) We hope to share our passion on this topic to others and encourage others to participate and get involved in events/sales we will host in efforts to help Endangered Animals across the globe and donate to both local and global organizations that have the same goals as we do. Ms. Roux Alexandra Tauber and Eleni Lotito TBD 107
    Senior Homes Volunteering Club The purpose of this club is to volunteer at a local senior home, Sunrise Cresskill. All members of the club will strive towards contributing to the community, learning to help others, and achieving real life skills outside of the school. Ms. Allen Jessica Huang 1x per month TBD during lunch 131
    Ski Club The Ski Club at Tenafly High School is open to all students. Although the Ski Club started years ago strictly for skiing, a number of students that go on the trips have now taken up snowboarding!
    Each year, the ski club goes on one - two trips scheduled on the calendar. This year the club is going to Hunter Mountain in January. Registration for each of these trips is announced in school during the weeks leading up to the day. Forms are available during our meetings.
    Typically the Ski Club takes day trips to Hunter, Windham, Butternut and even Okemo in Vermont.
    Students registering for the Ski Trips must have their own equipment and helmets. Be sure to listen for announcements as the Ski Trips approach to get more detailed information!

    Mr. Koehler Meghan Koehler First Tuesday of every month - after school Gym
    Slam Club Slam Club's mission is to create a safe and fun environment in Tenafly High School for students to write, workshop, and present slam poetry, stories, and comedy. Ms. Eastwood Luke Han and Ben Pomeranz Every other Wednesday at lunch 128
    Social Activism Club Our mission is to inform members about current social issues and spread awareness about important, relevant and pressing social and political topics. These topics could include the LGBTQIA+ community, Black Lives Matter, climate change, abortion and much more. Our club also offers volunteer opportunities through our social media platforms Mr. Ahn-Cooper Kaylie Rim Every second Monday during lunch. 128
    Social Science To be able to discuss and learn about the social sciences and give club members the opportunity to participate in discussions regarding these subjects with other like minded students. Ms. Brown Zoe Kaminski and Rebecca Beaver E days once a month 210
    Spanish Culture Club This club is for students who are looking to promote and learn about Latinx culture and issues. Speaking Spanish is not a prerequisite to be part of the club. Ms. Pelaez-Martinez None currently and looking for a leader. B days during unit lunch 115
    Spike Ball Club Spikeball Club is a collective of students that enjoy having fun, meeting new people, and of course playing Spikeball. You don't need prior experience to join this club. If you enjoy competition and comradery come check out the Spike Ball Club! Mr. Jacobetz Ethan Corriel, Amit Bendor-Gus TBD TBD
    Sports Analytics Club We are the THS Sports Analytics club. This club is an opportunity for one to learn and examine how analytics are involved in sports. Members of the sports analytics club will learn how to analyze data, improve upon their knowledge in sports analytics, including projections, statistics, and follow the statistics of the certain sport we are focusing on. One activity that we do is fantasy sports leagues throughout the year (including fantasy football). Ms. Ribau Spencer Lazarus, Jacob Shanker,Vice President Zach Shammash, and our Secretary, Kfir Shoham. Once per week TBD 118
    Stand Up to Cancer Club Awareness is the first step for anything such as treatments and donations to happen. Our club has mission to raise awareness in Tenafly High School and to raise funds to accelerate the pace of translational cancer research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. Our school activities will raise awareness in THS student body and help them to be engaged in cancer awareness in daily life. Ms. Zanoria Dylan Gaitman and Lily Schoeman Twice a month during lunch on A days 220
    Statistics Club The Statistics Club’s purpose is to: collect data by surveying friends or schoolmates about a recent event, create statistics from the gathered data, create articles and online mediums publishing the statistics, and also to discuss events (sports, economics, games) and their related statistics. Mr. Laux Jamie Liu B Days Lunch 113
    Stock Market Club The mission of the Stock Market Club is educate
    members on how the stock market operates and learn to
    trade stocks in real time.
    Mr. Moreng Jordan Tobias Undecided 108
    Tenafly Educational Foundation Club Tenafly Educational Foundation or TEF is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support grants requested by Tenafly Public School teachers to cover creative programming, equipment and technology not provided for in the annual school budget. Ms. Wissler Lexie Lazarus & Spencer Lazarus Once a month during lunch (it will be announced on the Facebook chat prior to the meeting) 105
    The Lunch Club A club created to allow all students including those with special needs to interact and be social with other high school students. This allows students to participate in a lunchtime activity. Ms. Sedlock Jaimie McClane and Liad Gross TBD 221
    To The Other Side of the World (TOSOW) Club The purpose of this club is to learn about the true meaning of public speaking by studying ways to share perspectives and opinions as well as learning to find individual voices to speak out our insights and vision of the world. Ms. Urbaez Cindy (Subin) Pyo C Days - Lunch time 214
    Tutoring Club We are a community service based group offering homework help Tuesday afternoons to K-8 students in the Tenafly School System. We look to not only help with schoolwork but forge friendships with the kids as we meet every week throughout the school year. Ms. Pelaez-Martinez Caroline Kim, Shira Oelsner, and Emmie Tubin Tuesdays 3:30 - 5pm Zoom
    Ultimate Frisbee We provide a great opportunity to learn frisbee skills and sportsmanship, and to make friends. No experience necessary. Mr. Hutchinson Kfir Shoham, Harrison Phillips It varies but Wednesdays at 3:30 to start. Out by the Baseball Field
    Video Game Club The (Video) Game Club is a club where students can participate in playing a variety of games they enjoy in a safe, non-judgemental environment with other students
    who share the same interest.
    Mr. DeVries Simon Hsieh Thursdays after school 3:11-4:30 114
    Women's Empowerment Club The Women's Empowerment Club's mission is to empower and inspire the women of THS. During the year we will be talking about women's issues. Any gender is welcome. Ms. Cutrone Kira Fleischer Monthly on Wednesday during lunch 208
    Young Democrats “The THS Young Democrats is a club where we strive to learn from each other to spread democratic ideas. We aim to be activists in our community and a resource for all students interested in politics. We look forward to contributing to our community this year!” Mr. Ahn-Cooper Anjali Jathavedam Unsure - Lunch period bi-weekly 128