Tenafly Middle School: Phase 2 - Overview

  • Attendance requirement for Onsite Students:

    • Students enrolled in the full-onsite program are expected to attend classes onsite each school day.
    • Students not present in school will be marked “absent.”  Students may participate virtually, however, they will be marked absent because they were expected to be in school that day whether they attend virtually or not. 
    • All absences or lateness must be reported by leaving a message on the attendance line: 201-816-4900 option 2.  

    Quarantine and Attendance:

      • Students will be marked “present” if they are attending virtually from their Tenafly residence ONLY if they are under the following circumstances each of which must be documented and communicated to the TMS Health Office: 
        • Diagnosed with COVID
        • Experiencing COVID symptoms
        • COVID-related quarantine (travel, potential exposure, etc.)  

    Students who Travel:  

    • Parents must report all student travel to the TMS Health Office: 
      • Nurse Russenberger: krussenberger@tenafly.k12.nj.us and 201-816-4937.
      • Nurse Amuso: ramuso@tenafly.k12.nj.us and  201-816-4137
    • For return to the district, student travelers must either quarantine for a full 10 days upon return or take a viral test 3 to 5 days after return.
    • If a student tests positive, they must quarantine for at least 10 days or they cannot return to the district.
    • If a student tests negative, they can return to school after a quarantine period of 7 days. A copy of your negative viral test will be required for your re-entry to district.
    • If testing is not available (or if the results are delayed), student travelers should quarantine for 10 days after travel.
    • Please click HERE to link directly to the TPS Quarantine Guidelines

     If a student tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 3 months:

    • Please click HERE to link directly to the TPS Quarantine Guidelineses
    • Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past three months and currently have no symptoms of COVID-19 do not need to quarantine following travel (domestic or international) before reporting onsite to our schools or offices. Any person who tested positive for COVID-19 with a viral test and has clinically recovered within 3 months of coming into contact with COVID-19 does not have to quarantine provided they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
    • If you are a COVID-affected student, you will need to provide documentation of such your school nurse and principal.  A copy of your positive test results are to be submitted either via email or hard copy.

    Enrollment Commitment through April 30 & May 3 Re-entry:

    • Any student who is currently enrolled in the Full Onsite program may request to move to the Full Virtual program at any time. However, they will not be considered for re-entry into the Full Onsite program for the remainder of the school year. 
    • We will not accept requests differing from the current enrollment status for students to be virtual or onsite for a day or any specific period of time.
    • The next re-entry date is May 3. If you would like to switch your child's enrollment to from Full Virtual to FULL WEEK ON SITE please submit this form NO LATER than April 16.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM.

    Daily Symptom Tracker - Qualtrics 

      • Before entering the school building, students must present a “green checkmark” indicating that they have passed the daily symptom tracker questionnaire.  
      • If you did not receive the daily symptom tracker email, please do the following
        • Fill out the survey online – CLICK HERE.  You will need your student’s six digit ID number in order to do so. OR
        • Send in your student to school with a completed paper form.  CLICK HERE to download and print the form. 
        • Please contact the school to let us know that you have not received the email.  
    • Students who fail the symptom tracker must stay home and parents must communicate with the TMS Health Office: 
      • Nurse Russenberger: krussenberger@tenafly.k12.nj.us and 201-816-4937.
      • Nurse Amuso: ramuso@tenafly.k12.nj.us and  201-816-4137

     An Important Note to Parents:  

    This document is dated April 8, 2021.  Procedures may change due to current events and changes in state guidelines. Please, stay informed by visiting the school website and updating all of your contact information and alert options in the Blackboard system. You can also follow us on Instagram: @tenaflymiddle or on  Twitter: @middletenafly

    Be sure to register with our Home School Association to receive the weekly newsletter. You can contact them by visiting the new TMS HSA website by clicking HERE.

    Thank you for all of your continued support.

    John D. Fabbo, Principal