Director of Special Education

  • PhD - Educational Leadership: Special Education (EDC TBD)     
    M.A. - Educational Leadership     
    M.A. - Special Education     
    M.E. - Reading (EDC TBD)

    Ms. Heinze came to Tenafly in 2021 as the Director of Special Education. She is pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership: Special Education, has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Special Education, and a Masters of Education Degree in progress in Reading. She has more than a decade of institutional experience in leadership and support of curricular programs, policies, and initiatives to promote student learning and achievement.


  • To work together with all staff, students, and the community, planning, implementing, and executing a shared vision that helps to ensure that all students learn and achieve at high levels both within general and special education.


  • Be the Best Person You Can Be

  • Be the Best Student You Can Be

  • Be the Best Community Citizen