• Welcome to Tenafly Public Schools Safety & Security

    While we know a high level of focus and priority has been placed on health and safety measures related to COVID-19, rest assured that day-to-day operations are still being conducted with safety in mind.

    Health and Safety during COVID: for details related to health and safety measures, please visit the TPS - COVID Information section of this website.

    Safety Drills: Each campus will still be required to complete safety drills, as required by the New Jersey Education Code. We have provided guidance to our schools on how to conduct safety and security drills while still keeping social distance protocols in mind.Symptom Tracker

    Visitor Access: While visits are restricted currently to those individuals essential to school operations, we will still follow standard visitor check-in processes. In addition, we have added an additional layer of security for all of our schools. All staff, students, and visitors will be “scanned” upon entering a building, and all visitors must complete the symptom tracker survey before entering any of our school buildings. The  symptom tracker is found on the home page of our website.

    Partnership with Law Enforcement: Tenafly Public Schools works closely with the Tenafly Borough and local law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of our schools and, most importantly, those who work and learn within them. Our local law enforcement supports us through routine visits and other regular interactive engagements, and is readily available to assist our schools with safety, security, and community-related needs.

    District Emergency Plan: The district Emergency Plan is developed in collaboration with the Tenafly Police Department and is annually updated and reviewed at all of our schools. The plan is designed to address various emergency scenarios. Each school has an Emergency Team responsible for oversight should an emergency occur. All instructional rooms are equipped with an emergency kit. As required by law, in addition to fire drills, school safety drills are conducted regularly at each school. On the advice of first responders and current security recommendations, the location(s) to which students may be evacuated are no longer posted. Parents will be advised about pick up procedures and locations, if necessary, in the event that your child’s school has evacuated to a different location.
    Keep in mind that should an emergency occur, the Superintendent is the official spokesperson for the district. Letter from Superintendent DeMarco