Graded coursework will be based on a system of whole points. More significant assignments, for example, projects, will be assigned more points than less significant assignments, like homework. Major graded assignments will be accompanied by RUBRICS, which will be distributed along with the assignments’ written directions. Please note that students’ EFFORT will be assessed at the end of each quarter using Mr. Petrozzo’s Effort Rubric (see Course Documents on Google Classroom). The purpose of the effort grade is to incentivize students to remain engaged in our course throughout the school year. However, please note that a variety of types of participation and engagement will qualify as “effort.” 

    With respect to Classroom Expectations and Procedures, Attendance, Make-Up Work, and the Use of Electronic Devices, we will abide by the policies outlined in the THS Tiger Q, pp. 23-24, 14-16, 17-18, and 39, respectively.