Tech Blast Sessions

computer help
  • In preparation for the upcoming school year, Jen Mari-Wyka (HS Tech Teacher Leader) and I will be running voluntary virtual PD sessions throughout the rest of this summer.  These will be 1-hour tech blasts to help restart your school year effectively and seamlessly.  We will be available to you throughout the school year as well.  

    These virtual PD tech blasts are designed to swiftly cover hot topics that will be revisited again in August, and throughout the school year. Dr. Mamman also hired an outside PD provider to meet the needs of all staff members in addition to our programs since tech has become an essential tool in your work environments. We are excited about the many opportunities that are being offered. Stay tuned for more on that!

    If you find that any session is not meeting your specific needs, please feel free to leave comfortably. We are aware that your time is important and we want to respect that. Come and go as you please!