• Homework
    Individual homework assignments are not posted on Parent Portal.  Students are expected to complete all assignments, and although these assignments do not directly contribute to the marking period grade (unless you have many missed asignment - see below), in theory, completing these assignments should contribute towards doing well on assessments.  

    If a student is absent, missed homework is expected to be made up when the student feels better.  

    There is room for mistakes in the 6th grade math homework philosophy!  If a student misses a homework assignment once or twice in a marking period, that's OK!  In fact, the grade isn't affected.  If homework is not completed for class, the student will earn a zero and once a student reaches three full zeros, his/her grade is lowered.  If a missing homework assignment is made-up, the missing assignment changes from a full zero to a 1/2 zero. 

    Once a student misses three full zeros, then the grade is lowered by ONE letter step and if a student misses six homework assignments, the grade is lowered TWO letter steps, etc. If a student has three full zeroes, the marking period grade is lowered a letter step.  Ex #1: If a student earned an A- for the quarter and missed three homework assignments, that student would earn a B+ for the quarter. Ex #2: If a student earned an A- for the quarter and missed six homework assignments, that student would earn a B for the quarter. 

    Below, is an example of our homework calendar for the year.  Each day, homework will be checked and the date the homework was assigned will be stamped.  If the student is missing his or her homework, that will be indicated on the calendar.  Any made up homework will also be noted on the calendar.  This calendar will allow parents and students to keep track of any missing homework assignments as the marking period progresses instead of just at the end.  At the end of the marking period, this calendar must be turned in to receive homework credit.  The calendar should be kept in the front folder of the binder at all times.  If a student loses the calendar, the student should notify Mrs. Park immediately.