Malcolm Sutherland Mackay was born in Englewood, NJ in 1881. He moved to Tenafly in 1908 with his wife Helen Raynor, three sons and a daughter. The Mackays lived on Knickerbocker Road. Malcolm Mackay served on the Tenafly Borough Council, was appointed to the Board of Police Commissioners and served as the Chairman of the Tenafly War Memorial Committee. In 1924 Mr. Mackay and his sister, Miss Jennie L. Mackay, donated 28 acres of land to the Tenafly Board of Education. This area was dedicated as Roosevelt Commons in 1928, with a monument honoring Teddy Roosevelt. Malcolm Mackay admired President Roosevelt because “he gave to the youth of this nation the truest and most inspiring example of a life nobly spent.” Malcolm S. Mackay died in his home in Tenafly on June 5, 1932.
    In 1939, the voters approved a school in the northwest section of the Borough. On November 13, 1940 the Malcolm S. Mackay School at 111 Jefferson Avenue was formally opened. Although Malcolm had passed away, his wife was there to attend the dedication ceremony.



    We Believe:

    For Our Children

    • That Mackay School is a place where we foster a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self-esteem.
    • That the individual needs of each student should be met.
    • That love of learning should be nurtured and is a life- long process.
    • That thinking skills should be taught to enable children to resolve conflicts, make decisions, and solve problems.
    • That Mackay School should appreciate differences and celebrate diversity.

    For our School Community

    • That mutual respect, trust and good communication within the Mackay community is vital.

    For Our Environment

    • That our physical plant be safe, comfortable, aesthetic, and efficient in meeting the needs of the Mackay School Community.
      That the Mackay School Community should be aware of environmental and community responsibility.