• * Did you know November is International Drum Month *

    That is why I chose to focus on Classic Rock music for our GOTM. 


     About Orchestral Music 

    Classic Rock is a sub-genre of rock and roll music. It originated in the United States and includes rock songs from the mid 1960s-1980s. Classic rock evolved from Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) radio. The radio wanted to appeal to an older audience by including past songs with current hits. Rock songs are generally about 4 minutes or less in length and are written in 4/4 time. The instruments used are drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and voice. 


    Classic Rock Bands

    • The Beatles

    • Led Zeppelin

    • The Rolling Stones

    • Pink Floyd

    • Fleetwood Mac

    • Queen

    • The Who

    • Journey

    • Aerosmith

    • AC/DC 

    • Eagles

    • The Doors



  • Audio and Videos

    In class, we will be listening to a different track every week. Here is what we have learned about so far: