• Everything You Need to Know about SOCIAL STUDIES with Mrs. Ayes

    What will we learn in Social Studies?

     This year we will be studying historical developments in our own country, the United States.  Some of the topics we will cover this year include:

    • Geography and Exploration
    • The Colonies 
    • The Revolutionary Era 
    • The Early Republic
    • The Era of Expansion
    • The Civil War Era

    What should I bring to class each day?

    • Social Studies Binder 
    • Folder (Optional)
    • Planner
    • Something to write with

    How will we be graded in Social Studies?

    1) Students are graded on a point system.  Each assignment is worth a certain number of points.  To find out a grade, divide the number of points earned by the total number of possible points and then multiply by 100.

    2) What gets graded?

    • Class Participation
    • Homework
    • Projects
    • Quizzes