Fourth Grade

  • In fourth grade music, we begin by reviewing essential concepts learned in earlier grades. This includes:

    • Matching pitch
    • Keeping a steady beat
    • Echoing simple rhythms and melodic phrases
    • Musical elements such as loud/soft, high/low, and fast/slow

    Fourth grade music learning goals include:

    • Learning musical notation: note names and symbols on the staff
    • Matching and performing solfege pitches "sol", "mi", "la", "do", and "ti".
    • Reading and performing simple rhythms from musical notation, such as quarter, 8th, half, and whole notes/rests with numerical counting
    • Singing in rounds and canons
    • Expanding knowledge of famous works and composers
    • Learning how to improvise during group songs and games
    • Performing, creating, and improvising on mallet instruments (soprano glockenspiels) and unpitched percussion
    • Performing, creating and improvising on bucket drums


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