District Goals 2019-2022

  • Goal Statements

    • Foster  a collaborative learning environment that cultivates and nurtures innovative thinking and creative approaches to teaching and learning 
    • Venture progressively with actions that are goal-driven, data based, and sustainable
    • Develop differentiated learning spaces, infused with differentiated instruction and assessment that meets all students’ needs with equity
    • Strengthen social-emotional wellness within healthy, safe and rigorous academic environments that maximize each student’s individual potential
    • Provide opportunities that support the consistent pursuit of professional growth of educators so they may continue to service and inspire students


    Curriculum, Instruction and Program Goals

    •  Advance student achievement by developing, implementing and evaluating a common practice of designing cognitively engaging, high-level, student-centered, multi-discipline, and interdisciplinary tasks that are measurable and aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.
    • Increase student achievement by developing, implementing and evaluating a common practice of purposeful differentiated instruction to assess and advance all students through the learning process. 
    • Personalize student learning through the adoption and implementation of a whole-school approach to technology integration.


    Comprehensive Equity Plan Goals:  2020-23 

    • Use data to eliminate the predictability of outcomes and disproportionalities based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, socioeconomic status, religion, (dis)ability, etc.
    • Ensure that all are welcomed, accepted, respected and experience equitable access.
    • Raise awareness for, and committing to, promoting diversity, inclusion and equity.