Communication Overview for Parents/Guardians

  • Genesis Parent Portal – Guardian and Emergency Contact Information

    It is essential that all contact information is up to date for each student. Please click under the “Contacts” tab in your parent portal account to update the names, email addresses and phone numbers for yourself and your emergency contacts.

    • The contact information listed for your student will be used to contact individual parents whenever necessary. 
    • Only those people listed under “Emergency” contact will be allowed to sign your child out from school. If you are granting permission for another adult to sign your child out of school, you must send a note to school advising the office with that person’s full name, your child’s full name, the date, time and reason.
    • Information on the parent portal, including a user’s manual can be found on the district website under “For Parents.”

    Emergency Notification System - Blackboard

    Most school-wide communication from the Middle School is generated through the Blackboard system. This is an important tool used to communicate emergency school closings as well as other events and announcements.   Users choose their preferred methods of communication from this system, such as a text messages and emails. CLICK HERE for detailed information 

    HSA On-line Directory

    Be sure to sign up for the online directory organized by the Home School Association. Since the schools are unable to compile and distribute contact information of parents or class lists, the H.S.A. organizes this directory. Click HERE for that information