• English language learners

    What is ELL?

    • ELL is an acronym for English Language Learners.
    • ELL is a program that is provided for students whose native language is not English.


    Goal for ELL

    Our goal for the ELL program is to educate and teach students English for those whose native language is not English. Students will also learn new traditions and holidays that are a part of American culture to ease the transition into the new environment. However, our main goal is to teach the language and other components to have students be independent in their mainstream classes.


    Assessments in ELL

    • Each student will take the WIDA ACCESS Test in the spring. The WIDA consists of 4 sections: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.
    • Students in grades 3-5, take a state test (if applicable). ELL students are allowed to use a word-to-word dictionary for the test.
    • Students are assessed formally and informally in class through tests/quizzes, observations, class participation, class performance, and reading and writing samples.

    tips and tricks

    Tips and Tricks

    • Please encourage students to read any reading material every night. (Trips to the library are a great idea!)
    • Please encourage students to keep a writing journal to write in every night.
    • Students can watch short English video clips (cartoons or shows) or listen to audiobooks.
    • Get involved in the school community and activities or play-dates with other classmates.